Vision Report: Teachers Eager for More Tech in Classrooms

The 2014 Vision K-20 Survey Report, just released by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), highlights the fact that instructors are eager to move towards integrating more technology into the classrooms, especially when it comes to online testing — but unfortunately the resources aren't always there.

Some of the most common problems are a lack of computers for students and that bandwidth is not sufficient, reports Associations Now.

The report has measured the progress of US education institutions goal of embracing e-learning and technology for the past seven years.

"As a key voice in the educational technology industry, we developed our Vision for K-20 education eight years ago," said Karen Billings, vice president for the SIIA Education Division. "Each year, we realize the growing need for students to have access to a technology-enabled teaching and learning environment capable of preparing them to compete globally and lead the world in innovation."

The bandwidth problem is especially concerning at colleges where it just simply isn't meeting the needs of their fast growing populations. This limits possibilities including virtual classes and interactive software.

The survey also suggest teachers are looking for more technology integration in the classroom that is far more than their institution can allow. Some of the biggest shortcomings are in online tutoring, technology training for educators, and assessments.

While the survey points out areas for improvement, it also highlights the positive strides schools have made towards tech savvy classrooms. Students' safety is a top priority. Both K-12 and post-secondary schools realize the importance of protecting data and student privacy.

Many schools are also embracing "BYOD" or bring your own device. More the half of secondary school support the trend in 2014 and more than 80% of districts will be able to allow mobile devices within the next five years.

SIIA has a positive outlook for the future, stating that as technology solutions grow, there will be more cost-effective options with less hardware dependency, allowing teachers and students to achieve their goals for the classroom.

"This year's survey results show an increase in many metrics. The need for more educational technology continues to expand," MMS Education CEO Susan Meell said in an SIIA news release. "Educators recognize the importance and express the desire to implement more digital learning in schools, districts, and universities nationwide."

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07 30, 2014
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