TouchPress Selling Educational Apps to Shift to Classroom


London-based app development company TouchPress has shifted its business focus and is now seeking buyers for its stable of over 30 apps. Among them is their flagship app, “The Elements’’ that offers an in-depth learning experience in the elements of the periodic table through more than 500 high-resolution 3D view images. TouchPress wants to partner with companies that can tailor its apps for the modern-day classroom.

TouchPress has been looking for buyers in a bid to narrow down its business focus on ‘brand sponsorships’ and apps tailored for the Apple TV. To achieve this, TouchPress is selling off more than 20 educational and literary apps. The company is seeking partners that can upgrade and tailor the educational and literary apps for the modern-day classroom as they move away from individual users and families, Louise Rice, the executive producer at TouchPress, said according to edSurge.

TouchPress’ ‘The Elements’ was pre-installed on the first iPad launched five years ago; edSurge says as a way of illustrating how the iPad could transform learning and entertainment. “The Elements” has been downloaded more than one million times even though it was selling at $13.99, iSchoolGuide reports.

The app offers a 3D view of every element in the periodic table for an immersive and comprehensive learning experience. In the same way, literary apps on Shakespeare’s ‘Sonnets’ and T.S. Elliot’s ‘The Waste Land’ offer an interactive learning experience through audio readings and experts’ interpretations of the literary works.

TouchPress’ apps provide high-quality educational content that is rare in free or low-cost apps. For Louise Rice, many of the company’s apps didn’t get the recognition or sales volume they deserved because people are used to paying little, if anything, for online content offered in the form of apps. As Rice explains:

“People are willing to pay for tools or games but not for quality content… Our content is premium, and the price is nothing compared to a book, but people believe apps should be free or 79 cents. They’re paying for books and ebooks, but they haven’t made the connection to apps as content.”

Through its relatively expensive apps, over the last five years TouchPress brought in more than $4.5 million in revenue through 7.5 million app downloads. Back in 2012, Forbes said of “The Elements” that the ‘the coffee table ebooks’ would redefine the art of reading. Ted Greenwald said of the app:

“[It] transforms the chemist’s periodic table into an intensely visual and tactile experience. Pages are decorated with spinning 3D models and high-resolution video… allowing a free-form navigation around and through the work.”

TouchPress recently released an exclusive Apple TV music app for people learning music instruments such as the piano. The user gets to watch and enjoy an orchestra performing classical music and can interact with it through TV, TheBookSeller reports. The app offers note-by-note visualization of the music score to help the user play along with the orchestra.

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