Technology Making an Impact Both at Home and at School

Technology is playing an ever greater role in the lives in UK children, The Daily Telegraph reports. A survey of 2,000 homes by the toy company LeapFrog found that kids are spending an average of 58 minutes during the day using digital gadgets in their homes.

Seventy per cent of children regularly play with their parents' laptop or computer; while 16 per cent of children aged 10 and under, own their own computer.

Nearly a fifth of parents claim their children know more about modern devices than they do and take to them more naturally.

Nearly half of those polled reported that they use technology as a means of bringing their families together. A futurologist Dr. Ian Pearson says that the penetration of new technologies like the iPad into the home, also leads to greater acceptance of its use by kids. Parents are responding to the same trends by being more welcoming of the emerging technology and more willing to bring it into their homes.

This acceptance comes at a time when digital devices are also making an impact in the classroom.

"Over the next 10 years it is likely that we will see learning on tablets in the classroom as commonplace, with Kindles often replacing books and learning gadgets being the materials of choice in the home. Video visors will even be commonly used for learning activities. However, traditional books will still have a place."

The recent innovations in digital publishing, means that more schools, both in the UK and the US are now gradually introducing the tablets into the classroom. Schools in Fort Bend, Indiana, are now equipping most of their students with iPads as part of the iAchieve program. The iPads will be replacing traditional textbooks and, in addition to reducing bulk, will also provide interactive learning opportunities.

More and more school districts in the U.S. are even using technology to bring classrooms directly into the home, via the introduction or expansion of online-only schools. States like Louisiana and Iowa, for example, have recently announced plans to greatly increase the enrollment in their online schools in the coming years.

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