Share My Lesson, Clever Team Up to Meet Teachers’ Classroom Needs

Popular resource-sharing website for educators Share My Lesson has joined forces with the rising start-up educational technology company Clever.

Clever allows teachers and students instant access to all of their school’s applications with one click through their instant login service.  The partnership will offer users the ability to have secure access to Share My Lesson as well as all other applications featured on Clever.  With all of a school’s software located in one place, having to remember usernames and passwords for each has become a thing of the past.

Created by the American Federation of Teachers and TES Global, Share My Lesson is an online platform that allows teachers the ability to share and collaborate on classroom lesson plans and materials.  The site offers 300,000 free teaching materials and lesson plans, as well as over 24,000 Common Core related materials covering all subjects in grades K-12.  The website currently has over 595,000 users across the nation.

“From the time we launched in 2012, Share My Lesson’s primary objective has been to make life easier for educators by providing a one-stop, shop-for-free site filled with high-quality online lesson plans and teaching resources,” said Share My Lesson board member David Sherman. “By joining forces with Clever, we can continue to meet this objective and the requests of our members by providing a simple, one-click solution to fulfilling their educational resource needs.”

Teachers will be able to use the applications as soon as school administrators add Share My Lesson to their Clever account.  Doing so will offer educators more classroom time to focus on lessons as well as making use of the free open educational resources, rather than remembering and typing in numerous passwords, and having students do the same.  Clever is currently used by over 27,000 schools.  For those schools who currently do not use the service, it can be added for free.

“Teachers using Share my Lesson with Clever Instant Login can now get access to great content with a single click,” said Clever CEO Tyler Bosmeny. “This will give teachers more time to focus on instruction.”

The partnership could result in a more level playing field between the creators of open educational resources and creators of paid educational software, many of whom already have partnerships with Clever, allowing them to offer “single-sign on” technology to schools.  While Clever typically charges fees to paid software programs for using its services, those fees have been waived for several new applications, including Share My Lesson, allowing the services to be offered for free to schools.

AFT president Randi Weingarten is pleased with the partnership, which she said shows just how much tech companies are realizing that teachers are here to stay.

“We’re starting to see fewer entrepreneurs going around teachers and instead starting to say, ‘How can we talk to them to find out what they really need?'” Weingarten said in an interview.

“Clever knew that from the beginning.  And that’s one of the reasons they’ve been so successful. “

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