Prologic Out, Skyward In for Wichita Falls

Wichita Falls Independent School District is correcting its initial mistake in passing over the popular Skyward product for Prologic software that never really left the open beta stage. The $2mil switch is going to be paid over five years by splitting the cost between the district’s software and technology budgets.

Skyward student services software costs $992,839 and the HR/finance software costs $933,803. If additional hardware is needed the cost will come out of the current year’s budget.

While WFISD may feel like the family that insisted on buying Betamax instead of VHS, the switch should be better late than never for the end users.

Teachers like it still, since it is easy to use with just a couple of clicks required to access information.

It also is compatible with iPad and iPhone, accessible by any smartphone.

“This is inviting for our teachers,” said WFISD Assistant Superintendent Tim Powers. “They don’t have to sit in front of a computer after school to take care of business.”

It’s also an easy program to use to stay in communication with parents, he said. “There’s a common area to see all the kids on one calendar. I think it’s a good move for our school district.”

The new agreement includes conversion, installation and technical support in addition to the software license. Customization and training will also be offered during the implementation of the Skyward Student system.

The transition is expected to begin soon, and although the conversion period is likely to be complicated for all involved there is a general feeling that they’ve made the right decision this time.

It was important to commit to a package that was already in use by others, Kuehler said.

03 24, 2012
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