MyStemKits Launches Kickstarter for 3D Printed Models


MyStemKits has created a Kickstarter campaign to develop and distribute 3D printed interactive education models.

The business was founded to create kits for STEM education (science, technology, engineering, and math) that could be printed with a 3D printer and used in the classroom. Their first Kickstarter campaign earlier this year did not reach its goal, but they released over 50 digital files of their designs now available on their website.

MyStemKits said that their kits combine well-crafted curriculum with the latest in 3D printing technology.

We understand that effective hands-on learning combines engaging manipulatives with quality curriculum. This is why our STEM kits come backed with vetted, interdisciplinary curriculum written by teachers and content-area experts. We have worked for years to assemble an unparalleled digital library of supplies teachers, parents, and camp coordinators can print and use right in their home, classroom, or library.

With new funds, they plan on creating more curricula to accompany the files and improve access for consumers. quoted the company about its shift in strategy:

Last time around, we were looking to purchase about 10 3D printers (at around $2,000 each) so we could print and ship the designs out to you. This time, however, we've found a way to distribute the digital files. That means we don't have to spend thousands of dollars investing in 3D printers. Instead, we cna focus on creating an online platform for distribution.

The existing kit library includes a brain anatomy model, a ball bearing catapult, a visual representation of DNA, Darwin's finches, squares that show how the Pythagorean proof works in real-world terms, a pantograph, a pencil catapult, a model of enzyme-substrate interaction, the pieces of a forest food web, density cubes, and rockets, among others.

The kits were created with education in mind, combining expertise from Florida State University's FCR-STEM team and HipScience. Hannah Olsson, a co-founder, said that both kids and teachers love the kits:

We work on a daily basis with the FCR-STEM team to ensure that all of our kits exceed teacher expectations. The kits and curriculum are designed concurrently and so they enhance each other and ensure that both products are as effective and engaging as possible.

Children are drawn to them. They want to play with them, to see how they work. And they learn as they're doing so. It's amazing to witness that moment when they suddenly get it.

This campaign will last until October 9th and has raised $1,472 of its $5,000 goal, writes Hannah Rose Mendoza of 3D Print.

MyStemKits was founded by Laron Walker, a businessman, technology specialist, and electrical engineer, and Hannah Olsson, a 3D printing professional.

The service supports most brands of 3D printers.

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