LEGO Education’s MoreToMath Brings Bricks to Math Education


LEGOs, the long time favorite building blocks during playtime, are now also the building blocks of elementary mathematical education as LEGO Education announces the presale of their newest program: Lego Education MoreToMath 1-2.

The innovative classroom resource uses LEGO bricks to make abstract math tangible for first and second grade students, according to Brick by Brick, LEGO Education’s blog.

The hands-on tools include a LEGO brick set specifically designed for classrooms, training videos for teachers, curriculum, interactive whiteboard software, and worksheets for teachers and students that access the students grasp of the eight practices of mathematical problem solving that the Common Core Math standards have outlined.

Leshia Hoot, LEGO Education’s senior segment manager for preschool and elementary education, explained that educators were voicing their struggles about teaching the new Common Core math practices. MoreToMath is designed to help teach real world problem solving that supports the Common Core expectations, reports Education World.

“One of the primary things that we lack in our classrooms is the motivation piece and engagement in mathematics, and a lot of that has to do with reluctance of the teachers to know how to use hands on materials in the classroom. So, this particular product will offer teachers an opportunity to do something that is easily transferable from the textbook knowledge that they need to teach the kids and is easily blended into their daily mathematical teaching,” says Dr. Shirley Disseler, a co-developer of Lego Education MoreToMath 1-2.

Students are expected to learn 5 key learning values, as outlined by LEGO Education on The first is problem solving skills, understanding the basics of mathematical problem solving, comprehending problems, perseverance, modeling, representation, reasoning, and precision. Second, comprehension skills gained from hands on activities that reinforce algebraic thinking, areas of numeracy, operations in base 10, measurement, geometry, data, and spatial awareness.  LEGO says that collaboration skills, communication skills, and technology skills are all developed with this product.

Students learn these lessons with LEGO figures Max and Mia and they work in pairs to complete each activity. While children have the actual Logo bricks to work with as they solve problems, they can easily share answers with each other using the smart white board software.

Dr. Disseler adds, “The other thing that is important with this product, that you don’t see in other products, is that it gives the kids visual, tactical and kinesthetic ways to show and do their math. [It] gives them an opportunity to converse about mathematical vocabulary, what their learning, learn to ask question of one another and actually be their own thinkers.”