Khan Academy Releases New and Improved iOS App


Khan Academy, a non-profit educational organization created by educator Salman Khan that provides “a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere,” has introduced a new app for student use.

The organization publishes mini-lectures in the form of YouTube videos on their website. Khan Academy launched its first iOS app in 2012, but the app failed to offer all the comprehensive features that the website provides, as all the videos from the website were incorporated into the app, but none of the training exercises were available.

In response to its initial failing, Khan Academy created a new iPad app with the help of $2.25 million in funding provided by AT&T. The new app includes thousands of interactive training exercises, handwriting recognition, and more.

The new and improved app includes more than 150,000 learning exercises. Khan Academy also added some iPad-specific features to make the app easier to use. These special features includes the ability to touch and manipulate geometric figures and a guide that analyzes the questions answer correctly and incorrectly, as well as the time taken to answer the questions, that will then suggests exercises that will help you to improve your weak points.

There is also a “scratchpad” that allows you to take notes and “show your work” while solving math problems. The much-hyped handwriting recognition allows the app to automatically recognize your handwriting once you arrive at the correct answer. Also, all progress on the iPad app gets synced with your desktop as long as the user is logged in with a Khan Academy account.

Matt Wahl, product manager of Khan Academy, expressed how vital it was to reach the platform.

“Launching our iPad app is an important step toward meeting learners where they’re at on the platforms they’re using most. We took lots of time to consider crafting the best possible experience on the iPad, including highly interactive content, expansive handwriting recognition and a design that puts our best content at finger’s reach. After working with many learners to understand and hone the experience, we’re excited about the role this can play in learning for students around the world.”

Users have already started downloading this app from the App Store in massive numbers. Some expressed their feedback on the app:

“The one lacking aspect of past editions of this application was the inability to take tests and answer questions within the application. Now that is fixed.”

“The only thing needed now is expansion of the materials and increasing the amount of testing materials within the current lessons.”

Currently, these new features are iPad-exclusive. The iPhone isn’t getting these updates, and an official Khan Academy app for Android has not been released yet.

Wahl explains that the iPad is by far its biggest platform next to traditional computers, so targeting the iPad for the updates was a the most convenient thing to do. However, he added that the company will hopefully make the full Khan Academy catalog available on other platforms such as Android devices.

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