India’s Technology Companies Embracing the Education Sector

As technology becomes more attractive to the classroom, educational institutions are bringing lucrative opportunities to technology companies in areas like Gurgaon, India that are motivated to undertake comprehensive education reforms. According to Tausif Alam of India’s Economic Times, the growing demand of education-related technology be a boost to both schools and companies in Gurgaon.

Industry experts forecast that the companies providing software and enterprise resource planning (ERP) to educational institutions are expected to see 13%-15% growth in the next four years. ERP demand is rising in the Gurgaon area and appear poised to bring a revolution in the education system of the millennium city. The rising demand from the education sector has encouraged the development of businesses to meet education’s needs.

ERP is management software that enables the educational institute to integrate applications to manage the work. The ERP software integrates all facets of an operation, including attendance, report cards, timetables, fee designs, and more.

“The demand of technologies pertaining to school-management systems have increased in tier II and III cities which are yearning for world-class products and advanced technologies,” said Surabhi Das Sharma, senior vice-president, MGRM. MGRM Net is the educational technology arm of MGRM that provides comprehensive products and services under the brand name ‘M-Star educational expert systems.’

There are around 110 educational institutions in Gurgaon, comprised of 74 schools, 19 engineering and architect colleges, 1 medical college and 16 management schools.

Shobhit Elhance, vice-president of Applane, said that “we, alone, offer the ERP service to around 10 institutions in Gurgaon. Besides, many institutions have subscribed different technology-related solutions to other companies as well.” Applane offers cloud-based integrated software suite for managing all organizational functions.

Most technology companies had largely ignored the education domain as a viable means of business development, but now Indian companies are focusing on the education sector to generate income.

“Since education technology and content is still in a nascent stage, there will be substantial growth in the future. The growth of these companies can be pegged at around 20 per cent in the next few years,” said Nicholas George, CEO of Green Clouds.

Green Clouds, based in Gurgaon, India, provides end-to-end technology solutions for schools. It offers online admissions solutions, a campus explorer, social media-based admissions, attendance, grade book, and fee collection solutions.

The business model for the most of the ventures is a pay as you go model. The pricing varies with customization based on the number of modules to which an educational institution has subscribed.

According to the industry leaders, technology-related solutions will spark a revolution in the country’s education system.

“It brings process efficiencies and improvement in quality of service delivered; it will also release time for staff in educational institutions to do other productive work. It will work to bring improvement in learner engagement and learning outcomes. With the use of effective technology, educational institutions can become ‘net knowledge creators’ rather than just knowledge disseminators,” said George of Green Clouds.

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