IMS, Mozilla Partner on Digital Badges for Education


IMS Global has unveiled its Digital Credentialing Initiative which aims to promote the adoption, integration and transferability of digital credentials in education and the workplace. The initiative is said to improve the current IMS interoperability standards and seeks to extend Open Badges adoption and transfer across and within institutions and corporations.

IMS is a leader in competency-based education (CBE) and seeks to achieve:

"… deeper integration and exchange within extant systems, while exploring new models of badge system design, storage, usage and evaluation in the institutional context," according to an IMS news release.

The efforts of the Mozilla Foundation with open badges is something IMS seeks to support and evolve further, Rob Abel CEO at IMS Global said in a statement, reassuring that the work done by IMS will be coordinated and aligned with the growth of Mozilla Foundation. The goal is to establish digital course badges as common currency.

Executive director of the Mozilla Foundation Mark Surman warmly welcomed IMS willingness to promote the growth, adoption and promotion of the Mozilla Open Badges: "IMS has a unique focus on educational technology worldwide that we're sure will enable substantial progress."

The partnership between Mozilla Foundation and IMS Global Consortium will fast track both the adoption and interoperability of Open Badges at educational and workforce levels.

"I'm very pleased that IMS Global will be building from and contributing to the work we have supported on Open Badges," Dr. Connie Yowell, Director of Education at the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation said. "I look forward to collaborating with IMS as the work progresses," Virtual reports.

IMS is hiring four leaders from the Badge Alliance group that will partner with the Mozilla Foundation to promote and evolve educational badges.

As Rob Abe says at the IMS blog:

"IMS thinks that CBE and Badges are probably going to become intertwined as both progress into the future. . . . The current Mozilla Open Badges specification is, in our opinion, the best work so far in enabling a digital representation of the accomplishment and the rubric. So, IMS believes we can do something good with the combination of these two ideas, something that can apply to all levels of education."

According to the IMS statement, the company will create the IMS Digital Credentialing charter members group and welcomes institutions, corporations and suppliers interested to attend the IMS Learning Impact Leadership Institute in Atlanta this May.

IMS is a non-profit organization focused on enabling the evolution and contribution of Ed Tech in education and the workplace. The company collaborates with over 250 organizations, all of them leading corporations, institutions and governmental organizations.

So far, IMS has approved over twenty learning technology standards used throughout the world. Such standards include meta-data, enterprise services, question & test, and sequencing, which have been used in various contexts including higher education and K-12 schools.

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