Glow Launches Ruby, a Sex Education App for Women


Understanding your body as it goes through changes with puberty, and even long after that, can be confusing for women. Now, thanks to a company called Glow, there's an app for that.

The app, dubbed Ruby, steps in to fill a hole in the sex education department for women in the mobile world, writes Sarah Buhr for Tech Crunch. Ruby, which can be viewed as a digital big sister, is an important development becayse there are so many ways for teens and young women to be misinformed about their sexual health and relationships.

The app is part social network and part health tracker. Women are able to input information regarding their current emotional state, physical symptoms, and health related incidents and concerns – for example, having unprotected sex, cramps or being stressed. Ruby's data science then serves as a way to measure patterns and help users understand what's happening with their bodies, writes Ken Yeung for Venture Beat.

Jennifer Tye, VP of Partnerships and Marketing at Glow says in a press release, "We designed Ruby to be the essential health and sex app that is 100 percent focused on you. To offer young woman a way to embrace their bodies and better understand their health really drives us."

Aside from Ruby's Anytime Log health tracker, it has a community section where women can feel comfortable asking questions to other Ruby users to learn about other women's opinions and experiences, reports Kristine Fellizar for Bustle.

Another feature of the app is an informational section on birth control. Glow has partnered with to help provide women obtain accurate information for women who need help.

Tye tells VentureBeat that all the advice is presented in a sex-positive way to avoid discouraging women from asking questions. Simply put: there's no shaming here.

Glow was launched two years ago by PayPal co-founder Max Levchin with a mission to improve healthcare with a special focus on women's fertility. Glow has other apps for women including Glow Nurture, which focuses on the needs of pregnant women.

Huru International, a non-profit that provides young women with menstrual hygiene supplies and sex education in developing countries, has partnered with Glow as part of Ruby's launch. Glow will donate a day of Huru supplies to women every time the hash tag #TalkRubyToMe is used via social media.

Ruby is currently only available on iOS devices, but an Andriod version of the app will likely become available in the future.

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