D2L Announces Brightspace LeaP Aaptive Learning Platform


A ‘smarter, easier and more flexible’ Brightspace has been announced by D2L, global leader in Ed Tech. Brightspace is a learning platform that uses adaptive learning technology and a revamped faculty user interface.

The revamped Brightspace provides adaptive learning technology which helps tailor the learning experience to the user’s needs and goals for better and more time-efficient learning.

In a phone interview to the Cantech Letter, D2L CEO John Baker discussed the breakthrough that Brightspace LeaP constitutes:

“Personalized learning is the ability for you to perfectly tailor what content and what assessments you give to each student in the class.. . . . So, for example, when you see that a student is struggling, you can right away, immediately change the content or change the assessment to get them back on track. In a traditional school, it’s very hard. . . . What we’re doing with LeaP is we’re automating this work and putting it in the hands of everybody, so every instructor and student will have the ability to have this personalized experience.”

D2L targets a 60% attainment by 2020 in the 25-34 demographic and says it is a few million users short of its Administration benchmark, which is now around 50%.

Baker says that adaptive learning technology was previously something only elite schools could afford. Now with Brightspace, adaptive learning is coming to the masses as it is easy to implement and flexible to use with the goal of achieving “better learner performance, higher graduation rates and smarter learners,” Baker said in a press release.

Some of the most notable features of the revamped Brightspace include a new faculty user interface that allows intuitive startup checklists and drag-and-drop functionality, an OpenDyslexic font for learners and students with dyslexia, integration with Microsoft Office 365 as well as support for the Common Cartridge 1.2, 1.3, and Thin Common Cartridge standards for content discovery and procurement.

A National Scientific Research Council of Canada study finds that the use BrightSpace LeaP results in a 24 percent absolute gain and 34 percent relative gain in score achievement in comparison to traditional learning management software. What is more it’s time-efficient with a 30% less time spend on a task.

According to D2L, Brightspace LeaP also features the Brightspace Administration Service, a tool set to help students, administrators and trainers to make the most of Brightspace. An option for users to outsource course, user and management, this service is available as a stand-alone feature or can be bundled with End User Support.

D2L CEO John Baker discussed Brightspace power with  of the Cantech Letter:

“This is not really about replacing teachers. But it is going to change what they do, no question. I don’t know why a teacher needs to grade an assignment anymore. We automate that now. So if it’s a quiz, if it’s multiple choice, guess what? We can grade that immediately and give them instant feedback. So, right there, that’s a great example of freeing up time, and also shortening the time for feedback for students so that teachers can do something more creative.

05 2, 2015
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