Clever’s Instant Login Nabs $30 Million in Funding


$30 million has been raised by Clever, the designer of an educational app platform, to provide a streamlined login process for schools that use their software management tools.

Founded in 2012, Clever has climbed up the ladder of popularity, with over 30,000 schools using their services to keep their learning software in sync with their present student information systems. Besides schools, even app developers have grown fond of Clever.

The $30 million that they raised was funded mainly by Lightspeed Venture Partners with help from other investors such as Sequoia Capital, GSV Capital and Peter Thiel.

Founding partner of Lightspeed, Ravi Mhatre, explained:

“It was the vision combined with the traction that they’re seeing… which convinced us this is a company that has a real opportunity to change how the online education system works”.

Clever’s platform does not provide any educational information. Its sole function is allowing app makers to integrate with the platform and thus create a single login process for students. In other words, with the use of Clever’s universal login platform, there is no need to manage individual student passwords for different education tech apps.

The necessity for this single login process arises from the fact that a huge amount of time is wasted in getting students to log in to apps and school systems. In addition to that, developers have to continuously change their apps to integrate with the school district’s system, which makes their work unnecessarily hectic.

Tyler Bosmeny, the co-founder and CEO of Clever, has revealed that the primary focus of Clever is to create an all in one modern learning platform:

“All too often tech in the classroom inhibits learning, rather than helps. Schools are burdened today [with too many logins]”

Bosmeny is optimistic about the round of funding:

“With this new funding, schools can count on Clever being around forever, as a trusted partner that understands their technology needs and always puts student learning first.”

Clever earns its revenue from the app developers who reap the benefits of being a part of the Clever distribution network. Scholastic, Amplify, DreamBox and The College Board are some of the developers who have hopped on board the Clever bandwagon. This allows Clever to provide their services for free of charge, and in the process make the lives of schools and districts much easier.

John Krull, Oakland Unified School District’s Information Technology Officer, explained Clever’s benefits:

“They’ve been a big help to us. Every student in the student information system automatically has an account. Even better, there’s a nightly sync, so when someone is enrolled they are added, and if they transfer they are deactivated.”

20% of schools in America use Clever on a daily basis and with Clever promising to give back 1 billion hours of class time per year, more schools will likely sign on to Clever’s single login platform. To handle the influx of subscribers, Clever aims to double its 45-man staff in 2015.

12 18, 2014