Apple Improves iOS Management Tools For Education

Apple has released improvements and alterations to its large-scale deployment tools for education and enterprise customers. The tweaks are said to be helpful for the pros who deal with deployment strategies. This is going to be more appealing for the people in charge of purchasing and maintaining iPhones and iPads. It is hoped that this will lead to increased purchases by organizations and fewer negative stories about failed management scenarios.

The changes are outlined in a series of documents Apple posted on its IT deployment page. The changes are in the device enrollment program, volume purchase program and the Apple ID for students service. There are also an iOS deployment technical reference guide and device enrollment program guide. There is a new overview document that will provide a quick cheat sheet. This will help those who use mass purchase apps and roll out huge numbers of iOS devices at one time. The iOS security document provides details on how Touch ID and A7's secure enclave work.

The enterprise and education programs are not supported for mobile devices or hands-free configuration. The zero touch setup has been a long-requested feature and it would eliminate the need to connect with a cable.

The zero touch configuration comes with a way to order devices directly from Apple, which come preconfigured with security and configuration choices. These can be managed without having to touch the device. The user will be able to customize and play with the devices.

Fraser Speirs, the head of computing and IT at Cedars School of Excellence in Scotland said that, "The other bit that's interesting is that DEP-enrollment now allows admins to require and force MDM enrollment on devices they own. This is huge for schools. The lack of enforceability of MDM enrollment was — by my guess — the central problem in the now-infamous Los Angeles Unified School District ‘hacking' scandal."

A large number of iPads were recalled in LA schools. Students were found deleting their enrollment profiles on their devices.

For the enterprise customers, the VPP purchases can now be made via purchase orders. In the past, this option was only available to the IT pros. A student who is aged 13 can now obtain a new Apple ID. This can be done after a school is enrolled.

03 1, 2014
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