Parents Opting Kids Out of Common Core Face Threats From Schools

Parents and teachers across the country are concerned about Common Core Standards and they are increasingly standing in opposition to CC implementation plans. In the United States, 45 states have implemented Common Core curriculum standards, which have changed what students learn in each grade with the goal of better preparing students for college and careers.

In New York, protests are growing louder against Common Core Standards — and the pushback from schools and officials has some parents worried. New York State PTA Education Coordinator Bob Aloise supported calling Child Protective Services and charging parents with educational neglect if they opt their kids out of curricula or testing. But despite all threats, parents continue to raise voice against the one-size-fits all, turn-my-child-into-a-robot form of standards imposed by Common Core, writes Karen Schroeder in an Op-Ed published in Daily Caller.

Schroeder, president of Advocates for Academic Freedom, says parents across the country are now creating support groups to fight the intrusion by a dictatorial federal government. Many citizens are not happy because state legislators, superintendents, and state and local school boards have no voice in a national educational system.

In New York, Julie Zuckerman, principal of the Castle Bridge School, canceled the tests when 80% of the parents opted-out of high-stakes testing. While children are in tears, participating in self-mutilation, and learning to hate school because the tests are unreasonably long and the questions are needlessly confusing, parents in Denver, Chicago, Portland, and Providence are taking their kids out of the high-stakes testing in record numbers. Texas cut the number of students taking standardized tests in half.

Also, New York's Springville-Griffith Institute Central School District administration is concerned about the impact that 64 students who have refused the tests. The more people know about these tests and the curriculum the more determined they are to remove it from their schools.

Parent groups are forming to assist with exercising the opt-out option. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and taxpayers refuse to become accomplices to federal programs that typically destroy students' love for learning, according to Schroeder.

Common Core is a clone of other federal programs that have failed children and damaged our educational system. Behavior modification under Benjamin Bloom and B.F. Skinner's Outcome Based Education were Common Core by other names.

According to Schroeder, students and parents are tired of the politicization that results from nationalized education and the rift it creates between citizens and their local schools. Parents are revolting against the federal government using their tax dollars and local schools to undermine their child's future. They resent a governmental label of success or failure stamped upon their children.

California recently chanced a statewide testing plan to include English and math, and all students will take new, Common Core-aligned standardized tests in English and math this spring. The previous plan had been to test students in either English or math, but not both.

12 9, 2013
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