New 2016 Chevrolet Malibu Helps Improve Teen Driver Safety


The new Chevrolet Malibu car, which is planned for release toward the end of 2015, features a Teen Driver technology to help teens learn better driving habits and offer relief for their worried parents.

The Chevrolet Malibu 2016 comes with a safety technology that lets parents establish a driving speed limit and monitor the driving behavior of their teens. The Teen Driver technology tracks, among other things, overall distance driven, maximum speed traveled, stability control events, antilock brake events, and over-speed alerts issued.

“The first step with this technology is to make sure that all drivers and passengers within the car are safe,” Steve Majoros, Chevrolet car marketing director said according to a press release by Chevrolet.

To activate the Teen Driver technology, parents have to create a PIN in the MyLink system of the car and then register their teen driver’s key fob. The settings defined by the parents will only be activated with the registered key fob.

Another feature of the road safety technology is the automatic music muting until both front safety belts are fastened.

“You don’t hear the music right now with all of us in here… now the music is playing,” Jennifer Ecclestone, Communications Manager for General Motors’ south central region said. “So there are sensors in the car that allow you to not actually hear the music and it’s forcing the teen to put their seat belt on and to already be in a safer situation.”

The maximum speed limit parents can set is between 40 and 75 miles. When the driver exceeds the speed limit a visual warning is issued along with a sound warning.

“We developed this system so parents could use it as a teaching tool with their kids – they can discuss and reinforce safe driving habits,” General Motors safety engineer MaryAnn Beebe said. “As a mother of two, I know anything that has the potential of keeping one’s family safer is of great value to parents.”

Parents can also track their teen’s Malibu, MotorCrunch reveals, and there are also plans to offer support for mobile apps in the future so that more safety features will be possible. The dashboard display shows report cards on the teen’s driving behavior and helps them adopt safe driving habits.

The Teen Driver technology doesn’t directly prevent teens from texting while driving. However, its Forward Collision alerts and the Forward Collision Avoidance Braking can be valid indicators of distracted driving, a GM representative said, according to Austin360.

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