In-School Bullying Lawsuits Mounting Nationwide

Parents of an Illinois fourth-grader have filed a lawsuit against a fellow student, the school principal and the district for the alleged bullying of their son throughout his third-grade year.

At Robert Frost Elementary School in Mount Prospect, Ilinois, the parents of a fourth grade boy claim their child endured a classmate who allegedly hit, attacked, and even threatened to kill him. Within hours of the filing, the mother of the alleged victim was fired from her job as a cafeteria worker in the school.

The child's mother, Deveri Del Core said:

"There was everything from him choking my son and threatening to kill him, said he was going to go home and get a knife and come back and kill him. My son would wake up at night screaming and crying, terrified, and did not want to go to school."

Phil Rogers, reporter for NBC Chicago, writes that a termination letter was sent to Del Core the day after the suit was filed. The mother formerly worked in Frost Elementary's cafeteria.

"She was being fired ‘at the request of the client,' because actions she had taken ‘have been detrimental to the physical and mental well-being of students and staff.'

The Del Cores stated that they had filed police reports and had met with the school, but nothing had ever been done about the bullying. One investigating police officer said that the alleged bully's parent had said to the officer that his child had "anger issues".

The victim's family attorney says he will now file an additional suit against the school claiming the firing of Ms. Del Core was "retaliatory".

In Texas, Remundo and Shellie Esquivel are filing a suit against six of their daughter's classmates and their parents for creating an Instagram account to humiliate and berate their daughter, along with other classmates. The account had pictures of their daughter with vulgar and pornographic pictures beneath them.

"How many children is it going to take to commit suicide, to kill themselves, to hurt themselves … because of bullies out there? And the parents don't want to take responsibility," Shellie Esquivel said.

Their attorney hopes that this case will act as a deterrent to future cyberbullying.

CBS New York reports that the parents of a Long Island girl are suing Bellmore-Merrick Central High School after years of bullying, which, they say, the district did nothing to stop. Sophia Hall of WCBS 880, says the parents stated that the bullying was comprised of lewd videos via the Internet and death threats. Eventually, the student, now 14, suffered serious effects.

"She refused to wake up in the morning and go to school anymore."

At Signal Mountain Middle High School in Tennessee, two students' families are suing the Hamilton County school for bullying. Cameron Nixon's family is seeking $1 million because of an incident at which their son's head was pushed into a concrete wall during a football team meal. The family claims the boy suffered physical pain, mental anguish,emotional distress, and loss of future earning capacity.

Kevin Hardy, writing for the Times Free Press, adds that the family of Taylor Zukowski is suing for $500,000 in damages against Chattanooga High School Center for Creative Arts because their son was the target of sexual harassment and bullying by a group known as the "ghetto girls".

The family says that, although faculty members and employees knew the bullying was occurring, they did nothing to prevent it. They say the boy has suffered physical pain, mental anguish, emotional distress and lost future earning capacity.

School board attorney says the system will contest its liability in these two cases. Gary Massey's firm is handling both cases.

"Both of these lawsuits are symptomatic of an epidemic in our schools around this country," Massey said in a news release. "Our school administrators need to take these events seriously. They are in the best position to prevent devastation to innocent children, their families and loved ones."

06 20, 2014
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