‘Do Your Homework Arizona’ Site Helps Parents Help Kids


A new website is providing parents in Arizona with a new tool to use to help their elementary school children with their math and English homework.

Created by Stand for Children Arizona, the site, Do Your Homework Arizona, was created in order to assist parents with understand the new College and Career Readiness standards in the state.  The website focuses on math and English because those are the two new standards for the state.

“What we really tried to do is sort of take general topics and help explain and provide definitions of things so that a parent might be able to relate it to what they learned when they were students,” said Stand for Children Arizona spokeswoman Jennifer Liewer.

The more rigorous academic standards were adopted by the state in 2010 in order to better prepare students for future success.  As public schools throughout the state align their teaching with these standards, parents are finding themselves confused by the new methods.

SCA works with parents every day in public schools across the state, allowing them to understand how difficult it is for parents to teach themselves new methods, as they themselves were likely taught to approach the concepts in a completely different way.

A growing number of teachers across the state approve of the new standards, which challenge students to do more with what they learn.  They believe the standards teach children “why” in addition to “how.”

While the organization realizes the website will not help parents with every question they may have, they say it will be a good starting point.

“Arizona parents help their children with a lot of things, but sometimes parents need help too,” stated Rebecca Gau, executive director for Stand for Children Arizona. “At Stand, we know that parents may also need some help with the how. We hope this site does just that, and while it will not answer every question a parent might have, we hope it answers a few and helps ease some of the frustration that comes along with learning new things.”

Gau went on to say that the group has plans to expand the website in the future to include tutorials and more.

According to parent Kelly Shaughnessy, who admits she has been overwhelmed by the amount of homework her daughter brings home from kindergarten, the website has already become an invaluable asset to her, aiding her with her own daughter in addition to her preschoolers.

“I think like now as education is changing and teachers and schools are relying more on the parents too to continue that at home so I think it is a great tool for any parent,” she said.

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