Baby’s Brilliant App Gives Parents Flexibility With Child’s Learning


Benedict Coulter is best-known as an award-winning advertising executive who co-founded and led one of Hollywood's most respected creative agencies, Trailer Park. Besides editing and producing hundreds of movie trailers, his company has created unique and trail-blazing marketing and branding strategies that have proven to be integral to the success of some of the biggest and best motion pictures.

In 2014, Coulter and his wife Ulli, along with their children, 10-, 13-, and 15-years old, launched Baby's Brilliant, a company which provides educational and entertaining content for and about babies and toddlers in a digital format. Because of his background in cinema, Coulter has been able to create a multitude of visual and musical programs in several languages for babies and toddlers ages 6 months to 5 years old.

A mother of three, Ulli Coulter was having a hard time finding enriching and education materials for her own children. She preferred that her kids not be exposed to products that were too complicated and over-stimulating. For her children, Ulli wanted engaging and educational products and realized that to have these kinds of programs, she would have to go back to basics with a fresh approach, which she would need produce and create herself.

Ulli began to videotape and photograph pictures everywhere she went and combined them with gentle, soothing, classic musical recordings — and this was the beginning of Baby's Brilliant. Now, the application can be downloaded at no charge to iPhone and iPad and includes three free downloads, plus additional music and videos for 99 cents each. The categories available are: educational, entertaining, lullabies, nature, classical, night lights, popular children's songs, and more. Concepts taught include letters, numbers, colors, how to create relaxing time and bedtime.

Parents can keep up-to-date with Baby's Brilliant on social sites including Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

The site's movies highlight images from everyday life, along with beautiful settings from around the world. Children can sing-along as the alphabet is introduced by children, which is how most of the content is presented. Baby's Brilliant also offers videos for the hearing impaired, which presents versions of animated songs in sign language and are available in Spanish and Chinese. Other videos and songs may be purchased in French and German .

Music on the application includes songs of faith, inspirational music, lullabies, popular children's songs, and a wide variety of classical music from composers including Mozart and Bach. The night lights combine music and visuals that help children fall asleep in a peaceful manner. The playlist can be customized by grown-ups, and it will play for up to 90 minutes, an ample amount of time for kids to fall asleep.

The site will soon be offering the app for Androids and will be including a blog that focuses on parenting, education, and other child-related information. The new app is a redesign and introduces a fresh, new look and modern navigation tools. The redesign also offers educational soundboards where toddlers can learn names and sounds in different languages. The new version introduces the first-ever, re-recorded and animated version of the classic Shirley Temple song "On the Good Ship Lollipop", introduced in the film "Bright Eyes", which was released 81 years ago.

Baby's Brilliant has added to its long list of content a library of read-along books in a video format. A real mom reads the books which have a lightly orchestrated background and are presented at a comfortable pace for children to enjoy.

Also, parents can read the books in their own voice and the Baby's Brilliant team will edit their narration into the presentation so that their children can hear their own parents reading to them even when they are out of town, late coming home, or live elsewhere.

10% of the profits from Baby's Brilliant in-app purchases are donated to a different charity each month.

07 17, 2015
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