Online Education Company Treehouse Now Accepting Bitcoin

Treehouse, an online interactive educational company, is expanding their business to accept Bitcoin payments. In an interview with Pete Rizzo at CoinDesk, Treehouse COO and CFO Michael Watson said:

"Before we weren't sure if it made sense, because we're a relatively small company with literally 1,000 things we could be doing to advance our mission. Bitcoin was new, and it was unclear which way it was going to go. But, now that it's been pretty well received – you see Bitcoin tickers on Google and Yahoo, we felt that it made a lot of sense."

Treehouse is an educational start-up company, which provides an alternative to the traditional brick and mortar university for the tech-savvy individual. The company has 70,000 students who are taught language and skills in software such as Android, HTML, iOS, and Java, to name a few.

The company offers students the ability to work at their own pace on specialized tracks that will advance their current employment or help them find new jobs. This "code-to-work" allows its students the ease of finding everything they need to succeed, from learning to code to writing a business plan, all in one place, writes Eric Blattberg for VentureBeat. The goal is to give students an education that is not out-of-date the minute they graduate. All for $25 or $49 a month, depending on the package chosen.

 As one of the fastest growing payment methods, Bitcoin will give more people across the world the opportunity to learn with Treehouse. Our mission is to bring affordable Technology education to people everywhere, in order to help them achieve their dreams and change the world, and we believe that Bitcoin can help us accomplish that.

According to Bobby Calouro for NewsBTC, Bitcoin is becoming an increasingly popular way to pay with more merchants accepting the form each day. The digital currency is increasingly secure, as it is based on cryptography, giving consumers and merchants alike piece of mind. Bitcoin provides possibly the greatest value for international students in developing countries.

The reality is that most of the people in the world may not have a bank or PayPal account, but they are likely to have a phone. With Bitcoin, all you need is a smartphone with a Bitcoin Wallet. With this additional payment option, more people than ever will be able to join our community.

Online payments such as PayPal and credit cards remain the most popular way to pay for these courses. Bitcoins have become a popular way to perform person-to-person or person-to-company online transactions because there is no "middle man" and fees are lower than the 2-3% that most credit card processors take.

While governments like the US are willing to work with Bitcoin, some, such as in China, penalize citizens for using it.

06 18, 2014
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