Massachusetts AG Sues Corinthian Colleges Over Deception


Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley is suing Corinthian Colleges for what she claims is false advertising and taking advantage of students. She states that the schools make false promises to the students about finding work after completing their education and uses deceptive loan tactics to trick students into pricey student loans. She reiterates that the employment rates that the school claims they have are untrue and misleading, states Megan Woolhouse of the Boston Globe.

"They are promising both quality in education and employment rates that they just can't deliver on," Coakley said in an interview. "The only ones who are doing well in this appear to be the investors on Wall Street."

Students are then left unable to find unemployment and with a heavy debt that they cannot repay. Interest rates on student loans are as high as 18%. The employment rates given by the school to students are drastically different from reality in some programs. Christie Smythe of Bloomberg News writes.

The probe into the Corinthian Colleges Inc. chain of schools came when several umnamed students came forward with complaints about inadequate teaching and that they were forced to acquire a job before receiving their degree, reports Woolhouse.

This is not the first time Coakley has sued a college company chain for abusing its use of information and loans. Coakley's office came to a $425,000 settlement to pay back former pupils of Sullivan & Cogliano Training Centers, Inc., for promotingdeceptive graduate employment numbers and writing misleading claims about its health care training programs.

Corinthian Colleges Inc. flatly denied the charges and claims that the Attorney General's office has no real evidence to support any of their claims, states Woolhouse's article.

"The Massachusetts Attorney General's Office disregards substantial, independent evidence that our two schools in Massachusetts have a strong record of offering students a quality education and treating them honestly and fairly," the company said in a three-page statement. "We will vigorously defend the record of our campuses in Massachusetts."

On its website, Corinthian Colleges Inc. claims that its mission is to put students first. It has programs in the medical field, administration, business, criminal justice, information and transportation technologies, and construction trades. It also offers several online degrees and an enrollment of 81,300 students as of June 2013.

According to WBUR, Corinthian Colleges Inc. runs more than one hundred colleges in the United States of America and Canada.

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