Kaplan Spinoff CyberVista to Offer Corporate Cybersecurity Education


Education provider Kaplan has announced the launch of a sister company named CyberVista that will focus on solving workplace cybersecurity issues by training C-suite executives and decision-makers on the fundamentals of cybersecurity to help them make better decisions.

Kaplan, known for test prep and its forays into higher education, formed CyberVista to produce web-based cybersecurity courses to bridge the workplace gap in skilled cybersecurity professional demand. CyberVista aims to create a stream of new, qualified security analysts through its online, customizable programs.

CyberVista's chief executive, Amjed Saffarini, says that the 12-person company will focus on offering cybersecurity courses to companies and professionals who need them. The company has already designed cybersecurity programs and courses while it was still under Kaplan. CyberVista announced its first product at the Cyber Security Forum at the CES 2016 in Las Vegas.

In late March, the company will release its first course, an up to 16-hour course tailored to key decision-makers including corporate board members and C-suite executives with no prior cybersecurity knowledge.

The program aims to help these professionals understand the multi-faceted cyber issues and risks that affect their companies to help them better tackle, monitor and prevent them. The course will also provide cybersecurity management tools, ZDnet.com reports.

The customizable online course will cost about $5,000, The Washington Post says, although it will also be available as an in-person course and as a pre-recorded online program. CyberVista's courses carry Kaplan's philosophy of online student-centric personalized learning.

With its spring of 2016 course, "corporate board members and executives can help companies more effectively navigate this volatile environment and reduce the risk impact of a brand-damaging incident," Saffarini said in a press release.

Explaining the raison-d'etre of CyberVista, Saffarini said that with corporations' growing dependence on new technologies, cybersecurity is a must-have asset for companies, especially since cyber threats are becoming more complex. For that reason, the company wants to equip companies and their workforce with the right cybersecurity know-how.

"We believe that a well-trained force of security professionals working together with cyber-literate executives and security-aware employees is an organization's most critical line of defense, Saffarini said according to an official new statement by Cybervista on Business Wire.

According to Reuters, the courses will allow learners to prepare for and earn a cyber security certification. The company also plans to offer life-long programs for existing cyber security professionals. The CEO of Graham Holdings Company, Timothy O'Shaughnessy, highlighted the ever-growing demand for cyber security experts, and added:

"With the strength of our company coupled with the world-class education expertise gleaned from Kaplan, CyberVista is well-equipped to meet this critical need in the market."

Despite the company spin off, both Kaplan and CyberVista are owned by Graham Holdings. CyberVista also plans to develop a cyber security test prep program exclusively for IT professionals that need to learn cybersecurity fundamentals and best practices.

CyberVista's mission is to make modern professionals and executives cybersecurity literate through customizable training. The company wishes to pave a new path in workforce cybersecurity training and development.

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