Hackr.io Brings Crowd-Evaluated Voting to Online Courses


Hackr.io, a new online community that aggregates tutorials and courses on programming, is offering a new approach to crowd-evaluated education. Developed by the former Slideshare and Naukri developer, Gaurav Gupta, Hackr.io aims to present quality content to its free, paid and premium users on a platform that allows for upvoting and rating of all courses so that the best ones get the credit and exposure they deserve:

"We intend to become a community (and maybe later a marketplace), where people can find, rate, up vote, and review the best places to learn anything that they would like to, irrespective of the content provider. Both, free and paid, content would be listed and ranked," founder, Gaurav Gupta said.

Hackr.io is user-friendly and with a sleek interface, but its uniqueness lies in the ability given to users to rate their courses, Thorin Klosowski at Lifehacker.com says. Thorin considers it a great place to start for anyone looking for programming courses, from C++ to Growth Hacking and Ruby on Rails. Gupta says of his vision for Hackr.io:

"We envision Hackr.io as the platform where people start their online education, no matter what they are trying to learn. We're passionate about education and we see online education as the future. " Gupta adds.

The Hackr.io prototype was built in less than 48 hours and as of today gets more than 10,000 page views every week. Hackr.io was number one on ProductHunt and Reddit, with ProductHunt listing Hackr.io among its all-time 50 most upvoted products alongside Periscope and Inbox by Google.

Hackr.io taps on a growing trend toward online education. Gaurav says that education is heading online and formal university degrees will no longer be relevant or useful in a few years. Gaurav explains, "[w]e already hear people saying that four years spent in learning android programming would have given better returns than four years studying engineering."

One of Gaurav's next steps is to make Hackr.io more social by adding comment and notification functionalities. There are also ideas on gamifying Hackr.io so as to improve engagement and user-retention on the platform, Sindhu Kashyap from Yourstory.com says.

Gaurav Gupta is the founder of Slideshare, the world's largest website for uploading and sharing presentations, and Gupta was the lead developer when the Slideshare application was released on LinkedIn and Facebook. Gupta also developed Naukri.com, the top job website in India. Gaurav shares advice for technology startups:

"Our mantra is – Build it fast and ship it. If you get the right signals and see people genuinely excited about your idea, go for it with full throttle. Otherwise move on to something else. You're writing software, not building a car. You can perfect it even after it has been shipped."

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