Google Apps for Education Adding Free Unlimited Storage

Students who use Google Apps for Education will in the very near future be able to store as many files in their Google Drive folders as they like. Businesses, as of a few months ago, can have unlimited storage and aother features included in Drive for Work for $10 a month. This week, Google announced that Google Apps for Education would soon have unlimited storage, too, when it launches Drive for Education, says Frederic Lardinois writing for TechCrunch.

Like the rest of the Google Apps for Education suite, Drive for Education is free for all non-profit educational institutions. The new storage drive will automatically become available to all Google Apps for Education users in the next few weeks and will have no advertisements.

Nick Summers, reporting for TheNextWeb, says Drive for Education will support files up to 5TB in size and automatic encryption.

"Every file uploaded to Google Drive is encrypted, not only from your device to Google and in transit between Google data centers, but also at rest on Google servers," Ben Schrom, PM Google Apps for Education said.

There will also be a compliance-focused tool for administrators called Google Apps Vault y the end of the year.

Google Apps for Education comes with Classroom, which allows teachers to deliver classroom materials, track assignments, and give feedback. With Drive for Education, projects that users create through Classroom will automatically be placed in a Google Drive folder.

Google is proud to say that "30 million students and educators" use Google Apps for Education, along with the 190 million who are using Google Drive worldwide, writes Harrison Weber of VentureBeat.

Google says that Drive for Education is "an infinitely large, ultra-secure and entirely free book bag for the 21st century", according to Peter Wade of FastCompany.

Google Apps for Education (GAFE) is a teaching and learning tool for teachers, students, and administrators. According to the GAFE site, Google is constantly improving school and student security and privacy. Because everything is stored automatically in the cloud, emails, documents, calendars, and sites can be accessed and edited on almost any mobile device.

Studying can take place in real time. Any document, spreadsheet, or presentation can be accessed by every student in the class. Students can see the class calendar with Google Calendar or share work on Google Docs making it easy to spend more time on learning and teaching.

There are no extra IT tasks which have to be addressed, nor are servers or client hardware necessary. And, there are shared work spaces for classes, faculties and clubs. Dan Mass, CIO of Littleton Public Schools, speaks of his experience with GAFE.

"What advantages might be found? Certainly the cost savings and the added storage are the first ones to find. LPS will save $45,000 annually with this move. And each email box has gone from 1 gigabyte to 25 gigabytes. After that, you start to notice just how powerful a collaborative Google Doc really is. More Smartphones are syncing with our system than before meaning we have more people able to easily stay in touch. And the system works the same way at home as it does at work."

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