Flatiron School Guarantees Full-Time Web Development Job


A fast-track learning program at the Flatiron School in New York offers web and mobile development courses through an online Learn-Verified Web Developer Program, a course which Flatiron says guarantees a full-time job within six months of graduation.

The courses takes 600 to 800 hours to complete and costs $1,000/month. However, there’s no fixed timeframe — the faster learners study, the less they’ll pay.

Up until now, Flatiron was exclusively offering its courses in a classroom, with 99% of its graduates getting full-time jobs and an average entry-level salary at $74,000. Now, thanks to Learn-Verified, the school is offering its complete curriculum online. The school provides an all-your-money-back guarantee if graduates don’t get a full-time job offer within six months of graduation.

Unlike many MOOCs, Flatiron’s online course revolves around community and communication. Adam Enbar, co-founder and CEO of  the Flatiron School says:

“The current field of online education resources is simply inadequate for people who want to develop the breadth of skills necessary to begin a new career. Community is where education succeeds and the lack of it is why MOOCs fail. We created a platform that facilitates personalized attention, high-quality curriculum and comes with a job placement guarantee.”

Enbar added that current online learning platforms are ineffective due to their emphasis on content consumption:

“Online education today expects students to watch videos and post questions to forums or wait a week to speak to a mentor, which given available technology is equivalent to sending a letter in the mail rather than sending a text message.”

The Learn-Verified curriculum offers 600 to 800 hours of web development content and a learning platform that facilitates learning through cutting edge tools and workflows. The course includes more than 100 videos and interactive quizzes and over 200 coding labs, TechCrunch says.

Learn-Verified students will have access to the school’s academics 18 hours per day and be able to reach and interact with other students on a 24/7 basis.

Flatiron’s curriculum is open-source and constantly improving, thanks to the feedback that learners, faculty and graduate provide.

Following their graduation, the school’s placement staff will seek appropriate full-time jobs for its graduates, the school says. Some of the most notable companies hiring Flatiron graduates include Intel, Microsoft and Google.

“Thousands of people come through the doors at Flatiron School to learn to code and successfully launch careers,” Enbar says. “We have now created a platform that allows anyone in the U.S. at anytime of the day to develop those same hirable skills and then be placed in a well-paying job.”

Flatiron was founded in 2012 and offers online and traditional mobile and web development classes taught by highly skilled instructors. The online course costs $1,000 per month — a heavy price tag considering that other schools offer courses at no cost, with competitors like Codecademy priced at $29/month, QZ.com observes.

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