Elon.io Debuts Online Japanese Language Learning School

(Photo: Pexels, Creative Commons)

(Photo: Pexels, Creative Commons)

Online language school Elon.io has announced the launch of a new, comprehensive Japanese course that brings together all the resources needed to learn Japanese into one location, including grammar, vocabulary, and exercises to allow students to learn to read and write the characters used.

Elon.io features an integrated learning experience that allows students to study at their own pace, and new material is regularly added in order to ensure that there is always something new to learn.

"Our courses are more thorough than any other online platform, and we help language students to learn with maximum efficiency, without forgetting anything. With features like text and video chat with other users, as well as new lessons added regularly, our course is perfect for those who are serious about learning the Japanese language," said Elon.io founder Erik Gerrits.

Students will begin the course with an explanation of new grammar points. From there, students will have the opportunity to practice the grammar, as well as some new vocabulary words. This will be accomplished through translating sentences from English to Japanese. The course will correct any mistakes made and work to keep students on the right track.

The course allows students to create their own word lists, and to text and video chat with other users in order to offer additional practice of the language in a real life setting.

All Japanese sentences used in the course are combined with audio recordings made by native speakers in order to ensure that all students have the opportunity to learn the correct pronunciation. Comprehensive lessons on reading and writing Japanese characters will be offered, allowing students to trace characters using either a mouse or a touchscreen.

"We're continuously updating our courses to make them as effective as possible. In the future, we plan to add more reading and writing practice to all of our courses. An exciting feature we plan to introduce is to let users write their own short stories and correct those of other users – a challenge which will really test their command of the language skills they have developed," said Gerrits.

Within the next five years, Elon.io seeks to digitize the entire theoretical part of the pre-college school curriculum. The company would like to see students have the ability to interactively learn all subjects at their own speed and make use of materials created by top educators. Gerrits believes that students will be able to learn twice as fast using this method with less effort and more enjoyment.

The company website states that traditional education methods are either too fast or slow for learners, with a limited choice of words and average quality teaching. The company looks to change all of this through their method, which they say uses top quality educators and is adjusted to the pace of the student.

Other than Japanese, the company offers lessons in Spanish and Turkish. Interested students can sign up on the website, gaining access to all materials for the subscription rate of $8 per month.

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