edX, Arizona State to Offer Proctored Online Exams


MOOC platform edX has announced its partnership with RPNow to start offering proctored digital assessments for students participating in edX’s Global Freshman Academy. The latter is an edX project that lets students complete freshman online courses and receive credit. RPNow, a cloud-based service by Software Secure that uses a web camera to ensure student ID authentication and prevents fraud and other exam violations, will ensure the integrity of the venture. Anant Agarwal, CEO of edX, said:

“We are delighted to work with Software Secure to provide virtual proctoring for edX courses.They have been a trusted partner in our verified certificate program since 2013, ensuring the identity of each student. This new proctoring solution is an important next step in providing a secure and verified learning environment for those students interested in credit bearing courses.”

Unlike other proctoring solutions, RPNow enables edX to record and watch the video streams of exam-taking students later making it possible for more people from every part of the world to complete the credit-eligible freshman courses.

Douglas M. Winneg, CEO and Founder of SoftwareSecure said:

“We’re excited to be partnering with edX to provide remote proctoring and are committed to helping to build integrity and excellence into the Global Freshman Academy.”

Global Freshman Academy is an edX initiative that allows freshman students to complete their first year of college at Arizona State University online and for credit. The program lets students that live in other continents and different time zones to enroll in Arizona State University courses.

One of the program’s unique characteristics is that students only pay the full credit course fee once they pass the final exam. According to Meris Stansbury of ecampusnews:

“By allowing students to complete courses before applying or paying for credit, the Global Freshman Academy aims to reimagine the freshman year and reduce academic and monetary stress while opening a new path to a college degree for many students.”

RPNow is a remote proctoring solution that makes it easy to identify fraud and other exam violations by using Software Secure’s record and review model. As a result, Remote ProctorNow “leads to the most cost-effective method of ensuring program integrity on the market that best meets the needs of students,” SoftwareSecure announced.

edX’s partnership helps the MOOC platform tout the integrity of online credit-bearing courses:

“To ensure the integrity of academic credit, in addition to verifying the identity of the student, we now need to verify the integrity of the test itself. Software Secure’s RPNow system does both and is the ideal solution for the edX platform.”

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