Colorado School Using FuelED to Offer Hybrid Learning


The Poudre School District Global Academy (PGA) in Colorado is implementing a hybrid learning model provided by FuelEd where students attend blended on-campus classes and take online classes from home. As figures show, grades 2 to 8 showed 140-240% growth in math and reading thanks to its hybrid teaching model.

FuelEd's personalized learning software and curriculum lets students at PGA learn at a self-paced rate where they learn from home three days per week and attend conventional, teacher-led classes on campus the other two school days.

As the PGA Principal Heather Hiebsch says, the teaching approach is problem-based. Teachers look at data and determine what gaps students have and focus on bridging these through tailored activities for every student.

The school, which has nearly 200 students, also saw the rate of students being held back a grade drop by nearly 66%. In 2014, 19 students were held back a grade, while this just year seven did.

Gregg Levin, FuelEd's general manager, said:

"It is an honor to partner with the outstanding educators at Poudre School District Global Academy in delivering content and instruction for its winning hybrid learning model. PGA's success truly demonstrates how dedication and innovation can change student outcomes."

The PGA's concurrent enrollment program with local colleges also showed that the completion rate for secondary schools was also significantly improved.

FuelEd's certified educators teach elective courses while the core courses, online and on-campus, are taught by local teachers. Hiebsch says the program's success is the result of a high quality online curriculum, dedicated instructors, parental engagement, the combination of online and on-campus learning and the community FuelEd has built.

Initially, PGA started as a credit recovery and dropout prevention school and has now become a personalization-driven school with homeschooled students and students coming from traditional schools as its core learners.

The personalized learning platform lets teachers complement the courses offered by FuelEd with their own content, with third-party content and well as open educational resources, resulting in a complete learning experience for students. For PGA students, their hybrid learning model offers the best of both worlds. Hiebsch says:

"They're in charge, going it on their own, but they also have social connection and one-on-one help from teachers."

PGA sees its students returning each year and new ones being interested in its hybrid learning model. As Hiebsch said in a press release, the school has a wait list for all its grades.

FuelEd offers flexible digital curriculum that aligns with the national and state standards and offers educational services including certified instruction and teacher professional development.

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