CareerFoundry, TeacherTube Join to Teach Coding


European online technology provider CareerFoundry has teamed up with TeacherTube, a teaching community for sharing content, to help bring programming education to public school teachers in the US.

The new program, Teaching Teachers to Code, aims to provide educators with the skills necessary to teach coding to their students.

Led by CareerFoundry’s new director Alan Greenberg, the former head of Apple Education, the program features a series of custom-designed online courses, videos and assignments pertaining to a multitude of coding languages, taught through mentor-driven curriculum.  Weekly Skype sessions allow mentors and teachers to discuss the material and provide feedback on the assignments.  All of this offers teachers the confidence necessary to pass the information learned along to the next-generation of programmers through project-based learning such as using HTML, CSS3, jQuery and Bootstrap to create websites.

CareerFoundry’s website states:

Work with us to fill the tech skills gap. Teach your students to code by learning to code today. Our courses are custom-designed to help you learn the most relevant skills in the tech industry and introduce them through project-based learning in the classroom. Learn at your own pace to understand how the latest web technologies are built – and how you and your students can bring your digital ideas to life!

The program plans to change how coding is seen and taught across the world.  The two companies will work together to provide access to this product to schools across the US.  TeacherTube plans to utilize its 1.5 million users in order to boost the rollout of the program in the US.

By gearing the program directly at teachers, it allows coding to reach students at a young age, better preparing them for a workforce that continuously becomes more dependent on coding every day.  Learning coding will increase the employability and earning power that students are capable of.

“As Europe’s go-to company for tech skills, CareerFoundry were the obvious choice for us when we began thinking about rolling out a program that got teachers and students coding. Technology is the future, and we need to start preparing our young people for that now. Together CareerFoundry and TeacherTube are helping schools embrace that. ” said Adam Smith, Co-Founder TeacherTube.

CareerFoundry is the first company around the world to offer career accelerators for vocational tech skills online.  Their Teaching Teachers to Code program will offer teachers the skills necessary to then teach their students real-world tech skills, ensuring they will have the know-how to obtain a technology job in the future.

TeacherTube offers a place for teachers and learners to share knowledge and experiences.  The company hopes to see the creation of a network of educators that offer virtual classrooms for students as well as teacher development.

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