CareerFoundry Offers New Twist On Online Tech Education

CareerFoundry is a German-based online training school for techies. What makes it a bit different from the rest is that its courses are fast and furious, it incorporates the use of personal mentors, and it offers training that can get its students working in their field of study in a flash.

Andrii Degeler of TNW writes that the first two courses to be offered, Ruby on Rails and UX and UI design, are three months long, cost about $413 a month, and are just the beginning for CareerFoundry.

"We did a lot of research with job boards, and Ruby on Rails and UX design are the areas with the highest job demand in the whole digital economy, and the lowest level of people who have these skills," explained CareerFoundry CEO Raffaela Rein.

It is the school's goal to bring the "personal touch" back to online learning, according to CEO Raffaela Rein. This is in contrast to the MOOC trend; MOOCs, massive online open courses, found in many configurations on the internet like Harvard's edX and Coursera, have stirred up the field of education by offering the masses an inexpensive and easily accessible method to pursue their education. The hopes and dreams that were invested in online academia have been somewhat crushed by the large number of drop-outs, as well as the low number of students with passing grades.

To resolve the issue, the startup has hired 50 mentors across the globe who are ready to accompany students through the courses (which are also put together by mentors). Each mentor is being paid by CareerFoundry and can supervise up to five students at a time. In weekly one-on-one online meetings, mentors give students feedback on their homework, which is 100 percent practical and consists of developing a fully functional website (or its UX).

Rein, through a study of other mentored courses worldwide, discovered that 70% of students who had personal mentors were hired in their field of study, after completion of their course, reports Elena Reuckart in the online newsletter Venture Village.

The inviting and innovative website for CareerFoundry expounds on the subject of real person contact, and the fact that an education at CF is not theoretical but relevant with tangible results. CareerFoundry is also partnered with three diverse companies which can assist graduates in finding employment, help a client with a start-up idea, or match outstanding tech graduates with the most prestigious entrepreneurial digital companies in Europe.

The coursework offered includes guided learning through the assistance of personal mentors, building a unique web app, and learning which tools web developers use in their day-to-day projects. Also included in the course is the opportunity to convert the online course profile into a portfolio to use as a recruitment tool.

Emil Lamprecht, Chief Marketing Officer of CareerFoundry, believes that a large number of recruits will be people who want to change careers. These students are going to want whatever it takes to quickly become proficient in the skills they will need for their new profession — and Lamprecht and Rein are happy to supply it.

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