Beijing Language and Culture University Launches Skype Courses

Foreign students wishing to study Chinese have a new option as China’s most popular Chinese-language learning university for foreigners, Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU), recently launched a 1 on 1 Online Chinese Program via Skype. These programs are meant to bring flexibility to learners as well as affordability, and one spokesman of the college believes that BLCU brings “a unique set of learning materials” students won’t find elsewhere.

BLCU brings this program courtesy of a partnership with BLCU Online Education College and China Global Education Services (CGES), a British company, which provides the marketing and admissions services for the program. BLCU has played a leading role in teaching Chinese to foreigners as it was solely established to teach Chinese Online. Founded in 2010, CGES is a British company that provides services for international students to study in China as well as helping Chinese Universities attract more international students to study in China on over 100 degree, non-degree, summer and online programs.

The program personalizes classes for each student to suit his or her Chinese level and learning goals.

“We design a unique set of learning materials for each student in order to best address their individual goals and needs,” explains Mr. Raymond Gu of Online Education College, BLCU. “Classes are designed to maximize the amount of time a student spends speaking and using Chinese. Only in an intensive one-on-one setting can the instructor give each student the individual attention they need.”

As Gu explains, classes are taught using a combination of conversation, slideshow presentations and exercises, to teach new vocabulary, explain concepts, and grammar points.

“We use fun and engaging exercises to help students master the most frequently used vocabulary and grammar points,” he said.

Founder of CGES Richard Coward says that the program eases the way for foreigners to learn Mandarin.

“More and more students are looking to seize the opportunities of learning Mandarin, but this is very difficult especially if you are outside of China. These classes can help bridge that gap,” he said.

The program is organized by a Chinese university and the teachers are also from China. Additionally, the teachers are professional with extensive learning experience. With the program being online, classes are flexible as all that is needed is an internet connection. The cost of taking the classes is also rather low, starting at about $17 per class. One student from Netherlands, Jouri Grigorenko had nothing but praise for the program.

“I do like this method of learning.  It is as if you are visiting China every week, the teachers are very motivated. The on-line sessions do help a lot. This is the best way to activate your knowledge,” he said.

Another student from Italy, Carlo Boselli, believes that BLCU can suit “anyone”.

“I would suggest to anyone who wants to learn Chinese and hasn’t got any time to lose, to attend the online course of BLCU,” he said.

Upon completion of the classes students are awarded a certificate from Beijing Language and Culture University, which is recognized worldwide.

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