Third Graders Found Having Sex in Louisiana Classroom

An unidentified teacher at a Tallulah Elementary School has apparently been fired for failing to notice two third grade students having oral sex in her classroom.

District Superintendent Lisa Wilmore told the paper the teacher was fired because the incident occurred under her watch.
“The principal felt that she was not monitoring the classroom adequately,” Wilmore said, according to the News-Star. “The principal made a decision, and I supported the principal. We have to make sure we have people in these classrooms who are monitoring our students.”

A second teacher in the district has been suspended pending investigation for substance abuse. Whitmore, who became the new Superintendent in September, has said that she’s trying to change the culture of the troubled district and improve student achievement through better classroom management and more efficient instruction. The district is ranked 59 out of 62 in Louisiana.

The children concerned in the Tallulah incident, who were allegedly having oral sex under a desk, have been sent to counseling but Whitmore cites privacy concerns for not providing further details.

The incident comes after a report in February of two kindergarten children at PS 189 in New York City who took off their clothes and allowed other students to explore their bodies and engage in oral sex like activities, all allegedly with a teacher in the room. The parents of two children involved in that incident have filed suit against the city for $5 million each in damages.

Also, in early February, Minnesota elementary schools became aware of a new playground game called ‘rape tag’.

“Our research finds if you are “it”, you are the rapist. Instead of saying “you’re it”, you say “Rape,” and you get points for touching people on certain body parts.”

While each of these incidents appears to have been dealt with swiftly, the growing number of them must be concerning to parents and educators alike, as it highlights the sexualization of youth.

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