‘Taco Dog’ on School Menu Causes Uproar


The “taco dog”, an item on the Socorro Independent School District’s lunch menu, has been cancelled permanently due to its poor reception from parents.

The item, which consists of a hot dog wiener in a crunchy taco shell, received negative feedback from several people after its pictures were circulated on news and social media. Parents objecting to their children being served such a bland item immediately complained to the district. The district has pulled the taco dog off the school menu for good the day after it had been served, writes Elida S. Perez of El Paso Times News.

The dish was criticized for its unappetizing presentation and lack of culinary creativity, and was ridiculed as being a mockery of Mexican cuisine.

The taco dog was a single item in a full meal, the other items being pork and beans, sweet potato puffs, an applesauce cup, a holiday cookie and milk.

District spokesman Daniel Escobar found much of the complaints baseless, and defended the lunch addition by claiming that the entire mean provided all the official nutritional requirements.

“It is a balanced and nutritional meal.”

He also argued that the item had been run by elementary students last spring without receiving any backlash.

However, he has consented to parents demands to rid the lunch menu of the item. He has also asked parents to provide feedback regarding the lunch menus which can be viewed on the district’s website.

All the school menu items correspond to the strict national guidelines set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Upon its exposure in social media, one of the tweets highlighting the disapproval of the item tagged First Lady Michelle Obama, who has been responsible for ensuring healthy school lunches. Another notable personality alerted was celebrity chef Jamie Oliver.

Critics such as Ramón Rentería of El Paso Times News, shielded the item’s nutritional benefits, and asked for people to judge the item based on its taste and not its appearance.

The incident comes not long after New Jersey’s state Assembly passed a bill requiring schools to prepare student lunches based on “cultural, traditional and overall dietary preferences”, which has sparked debate across the country.

12 29, 2014
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