School Draws Ire Over Fifty Shades of Grey Puzzles for Kids


Students at a middle school in Pennsylvania were given “Fifty Shades of Grey”-themed puzzles in class earlier this week.

Parents of at least five students at Monessen Middle School are seeing red after discovering their children received word search puzzles based on the erotic novel “Fifty Shades of Grey” in class.

The puzzle featured words such as “spanking,” “bondage” and “intercourse.”  There were other words on the list that were even more explicit.

District officials are currently investigating the incident after learning about the puzzles by at least one parent who complained about the puzzles during a district board meeting earlier this week.

“We just learned of this issue yesterday,” solicitor John Toohey said. “An investigation will occur.”

According to one father, it was the classroom teacher who handed the puzzles out to the students on Monday, writes Tara Fowler for People.

“I asked my son who passed it out, and he said the teacher passed it out,” James Carter said. “I don’t think this is what they should be doing in the 8th grade level.”

Carter went on to say that he had gone to the school the following day to discuss the issue with the principal.  However, that meeting was denied after he made it clear that he wanted the meeting to be recorded.

“I wanted to record the conversation because a lot of parents had questions about it, and I was denied that,” Carter told the board.

After a meeting with the principal was denied, he then went to the school board to discuss the issue.  He was met with similar results there too, being told it was a “personnel and student matter,” and due to that they could not comment.

“The district learned of this [on Monday] and is trying to gather all the facts so it can be treated fairly and expeditiously,” school board solicitor John Toohey said after the meeting.

Monessen district officials said they could not comment on the issue, because they had just learned about it on Monday.

According to board member Roberta Bergstedt, who was not in attendance at the meeting, the puzzles had been handed out by mistake, reports Bob Hazen for WTAE.

“It was a huge but unintentional error and collected from the five students involved as soon as it was realized,” Bergstedt wrote in an email. “Unfortunately one copy was taken by a student who then posted it on social media.”

It has not been made public as to whether or not any teachers or staff members have been disciplined.

02 13, 2015
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