Police Charge Ohio 10-Year-Old For Bringing BB Gun to School

A 10 year old boy in Ohio has been charged with the delinquency count of inducing panic after bringing a BB gun to school to fend off bullies. He had been ‘stuffed in a trashcan' the previous year and was being bullied about his small stature and ankle braces.

The police were called by the Elmwood Place Elementary School in Cincinnati, near the end of the school day after he received reports from at least five children that they had seen the boy with the gun. Police Sergeant Kevin Vanover noted that the plastic orange tip had been broken off to make the gun look more authentic.

The film ‘Bully' opened at the end of last month. Its goal is to raise awareness of the suffering caused by bullying and the lives destroyed as a direct result. The current incident highlights once again how either bullying has gotten worse, or modern students are less able to deal with, as an increasing number of victims are snapping and resorting to self-harm or attention seeking behavior.

Bullying victims are starting to use the internet to hit back at their persecutors, and a major recent story on Reddit resulted in a school being forced to take action against a bully after receiving numerous complaints from people reading the bullied girl's story.

In the specific current case:

The district released a statement saying that federal and state law prohibits school officials from discussing specifics.

District officials intend "to fully investigate the allegations made regarding all of the students involved" to determine any violations of school regulations, according to the statement.

The boy's name has not been released, he remains in his mother's custody and the date for the Juvenile Court hearing has not yet been set. There are no current plans to take action against the boy's bullies or the school.

04 20, 2012
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