In Texas, Counselor Who ‘Sexted’ Student to be Fired

According to a Judson Independent School District spokesperson, Cynthia Stewart, 43, could be served with an immediate termination after being charged with distributing obscene material to a minor and online solicitation of a minor, writes Maria Luisa Cesar at My San Antonio.

Stewart has been offered a chance to resign "in lieu of termination," says District spokesperson Aubrey Chancellor.

"Up to this point we have received no indication from her that she wants to resign," Chancellor said.

Last week, the case against Stewart was dismissed by federal authorities, which leaves it up to state authorities to investigate whether the counselor and teen might have had sexual contact.

The student in question had allegedly exchanged texts with Stewart, who had sent 20 to 30 naked images of herself to the 15 year old. However, investigators looked at her computer and all school district electronics issued to her, but found no evidence that would be found questionable or inappropriate.

Stewart was in her third year with the district and is able to appeal her termination and seek a board hearing within 15 days.

Also at the meeting, after a failed motion last month to move from three to four year terms, the trustees settled and voted for four at 5-1, with Jose Macias casting the only dissenting vote.

It was proposed as a way to save money and bring continuity to board leadership, but initially, the motion was heavily criticized with one trustee saying it was badly timed in light of the district's negative publicity.

Another trustee commented that it was morally wrong that constituents should have to wait four years to oust a dysfunctional board member, especially given the current circumstances.

The district's attorney has also presented their options for complying with recent legislation that requires districts to conduct elections with a partner.

Trustees were told that any decisions would need to be pre-cleared with the Department of Justice.

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