Ex-Principal Arrested for Double Murder While High on Drugs

Anthony Giancola, a former middle school principal from Florida, has been arrested on two counts of First Degree Murder and two counts of Attempted Murder after an alleged 30 minute crime spree.

Isabel Mascarenas, writing for wtsp.com, reports that Giancola has previous form for crack cocaine use in 2007.

Sheriff Bob Gualteri said:

"This is the worst of the worst, and does appear to be random," says Gualtieri.

Investigators say Giancola appears to have been high on drugs and possibly alcohol at the time.

Giancola was principal at Van Buren Middle School but was fired after his conviction for buying crack from an undercover officer in 2007. Giancola added to his police record in 2010 with a charge of loitering and prowling, but his latest foray into crime is major step up.

Giancola entered a home for the hearing impaired armed with a knife and stabbed four people. His first victim died instantly and a female victim later died in hospital. The deceased were Justin Lee Vanderburgh, 27, and Mary Anne Allis, 59.

After being fought off by a resident Giancola dropped the murder weapon on the porch and headed to the Kenvins Motel in Pinellas Park. Here he improvised another weapon; using a microwave oven to beat a husband and wife who are currently in hospital.

Following this attack he drove his car into the porch of a duplex whose residents wouldn't assist him when he enquired if they knew where he could find women. Three of the women on the porch have been hospitalized and a cycling teen injured during Giancola's escape.

Perhaps tired from his exertions, Giancola headed to his mother's house.

Sheriff Gualtieri says, "He was bloody, and obviously been in a fight or a confrontation. He told his mother she'd be very proud of him; he just killed 10 drug dealers."

Giancola fled his mother's house when the police came looking for him, but unfortunately for him his chosen hiding place of nearby brush was swiftly discovered and he was arrested. Detectives will question him as to his motivations when he's come down off his drug high.

Giancola had been appointed as principal of Van Buren Middle School in June 2006 and was enjoying a 16 year teaching career at the time of his 2007 arrest.

06 26, 2012
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