Deion Sanders Plans Reality Show At New Charter

According to TMZ, Deion Sanders is planning a reality show about his job coaching football at his Prime Prep Academy, a new charter school that he is funding with campuses in Dallas and Fort Worth.

"You guys need to go get this movie, ‘Waiting for Superman,'" Sanders told KTCK. "Marry that with ‘Friday Night Lights,' and you've got what Prime is about to do. That's all I'm saying. Get your seatbelt on in front of your couch and get ready…"

Prime Prep Academy is due to open its doors in the 2012-2013 school year and the reality show may indicate the Sanders is planning to fund the schools with media ventures rather than purely through his own personal fortune.

There are some concerns that Sanders plan may violate University Interscholastic League rules that prohibit football programs from actively recruiting athletes away from other schools, however while it's entirely possible that the publicity surrounding a reality television show may attract some students it seems a stretch to consider this ‘active recruiting'. This is Sanders' view:

"We're getting a lot of hate though, as usual," Sanders told KTCK, as reported by the Dallas Morning News. "You got a lot of coaches from DISD that are upset that there's a new school coming to town and our kids can come from everywhere. So they're telling these kids ‘You can't play for them. You're not going to be eligible. You're not going to be legal to play.' And that's a lie.

"But it's not affecting our enrollment. They're enrolling as we speak."

Prime Prep Academy is planning to enroll 650 students over the two campuses and the upcoming television program is being linked to executive producer Tracey Edmonds, ex-wife of Eddie Murphy and an as yet undisclosed ‘major studio'. Regardless of whether this particular project works out, it is clear that Sanders commitment to his new school hasn't wavered.

04 4, 2012
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