Awareity: Parent Webinar on Bullying Prevention Strategies

Awareity will launch a webinar on Monday, March 5, 2012 to give parents more information on student safety and bullying prevention. The online events are designed to allow discussion about a range of subjects including the various challenges school administrators face when it comes to ensuring a safe learning environment and preventing bullying, cyberbullying, violence, suicide, threats to harm, and weapons.

Whether a parent is concerned about their child's safety at school or if a student overhears a student making threats in the hallway, there are many protocols that must be adhered to. And these bullying awareness events are there to shed light on how administrators gather information from principals and counselors, how they come to the decision to determine the appropriate level of response and how schools gather comprehensive pictures of this student's behaviors and accurately measure the risk.

This comes as it was announced that Rick Shaw, President and CEO of Awareity, has been selected as a speaker at the National Conference on Youth Cyber Safety to be held in Dallas at the beginning of March, reports eSchool News.

The conference is intended to provide students and parets with insights and advice on model prevention/intervention programs and resources related to youth cyber-safety.

"In the digital world, it is alarming how quickly new threats are emerging and spreading and causing direct and indirect harm to young people," says a press release.

"Youth are vulnerable to many of these dangers and they, along with adults, need to be better equipped with tools they can use for intervention, prevention and support as alarming situations arise."

Tenna Whitsel, the student services director for Tulsa Public Schools, will also be in attendance and, with Shaw, will share real-world strategies to help and equip school leaders with the tools to build a safe learning environment for all students and prevent preventable incidents.

02 28, 2012
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