UK Teachers Caught Insulting Students on Facebook

An investigation has now been launched into comments which are believed to have involved four mean-spirited teachers – including the school's head teacher, writes the Telegraph.

Four teachers from Westcott Primary School, Hull, including head teacher Debbie Johnson, appear to have been involved in a conversation during which one of them referred to people in east Hull as "thick" and "inbred".

The school governors are heading the inquiry into the inappropriate remarks.

Parent Emma Bywood, 30, from Hull, who has two children at the school, said:

"My son came home on Monday and I had to explain to him what inbred meant."

According to parents, copies of the discussion were attached to fences in streets surrounding the 250-pupil school in protest about what was said.

"I'm fuming, If he wasn't in Year 6, I would be taking him out of the school. But he is starting his SATs exams after Christmas."

Hull resident Beckie White, 33, has a nine-year-old daughter who attends the school.

She said:

"I know it's Facebook and it's out of school hours. But they have a responsibility. They know these things might be seen by people and, of course, parents will be hacked off. There should at least be an apology."

A mother, who did not wish to be named, said she is considering withdrawing her five-year-old child from the school.

She said: "I'm disgusted and disappointed… I have lost confidence and respect for the teachers at the school."

This comes after much attention was made over the fact that a UK study showed that teachers were facing cyberbullying as well as students, writes Education News.

Some 377 professionals were surveyed and 35 helpline cases analyzed. The results showed 35 per cent of participants said either they or their colleagues had been subjected to some form of online abuse.

The majority of the abuse – 72% – came via pupils but over a quarter was initiated by parents. The majority of teachers claiming online abuse were women, according to the BBC's analysis of the research.

The latest Facebook row at Westcott Primary School is not the first time teachers have sparked controversy over social networking sites. Dance teacher Michelle Vowles used Facebook last June to tell a 13-year-old Bridlington pupil she was kicked out of the dance school, writes the Telegraph.

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