India Faces Problems Reforming Higher Education Sector

There is a lack of societal pressure on Indian political parties to address higher education issues. A poll conducted of people aged 18-30 in which people claimed that education trumped corruption, employment and inflation as their biggest concern.In fact, this age group constitutes a large portion of the Indian population. People are worried about the higher education system, including people who aren't even attending college. They are concerned about the future of the country and its children. They think that the education system is highly flawed. Parents worry about whether their children will get the right education to help them get a job.

The parents in the subcontinent are highly involved in their children's lives. The main reason why we see parental involvement in their children's lives is because many children are dependent upon their parents' money. They cannot support themselves financially because there are very few opportunities for employment in India, writes Pushkar in Asian Scientist Magazine.

The main reason India needs reform in the higher education sector, according to some critics, is because there are very few quality educational institutes. The people who get the highest marks get into those institutions, and the rest are left to attend mediocre institutes where they don't get a good education and then they don't get good jobs. This is why parents are worried about their kids not getting a god job after getting a mediocre degree. The majority of the educational institutes in India are ranked as average or below average.

These college students and their parents are a sizable chunk of the country's population, and many of them are voters. It is strange, as the elections are near in India and the opposition party haven't taken the stance that they are going to reform the higher education sector in India. The main heads of the states keep on claiming that they are going to reform the education system, and yet again they do nothing about the problem the country is facing.

There is a lack of interest in the leading political parties in India; none of them want to face the challenges in reforming the education system in India. With that, there is weak demand by young Indians and their parents for reform in India. The Indians need to make their voices heard. If their intention is good and they want to effect reform in the educational sector, then the nation should stand by them and make sure they win the next election.

02 25, 2014
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