New Jamie Oliver Project to Bring Food Education to G20 Nations


"The Naked Chef" Jamie Oliver recently launched his newest project, a global petition asking the governments of G20 countries to offer food education in schools while increasing a tax on junk food.

Oliver launched the petition at the Sydney Opera House during his Food Revolution LIVE event, which was attended by about 5,000. So far, the petition has over 65,000 signatures. "I will be really upset and will consider it an utter failure if I don't get over 2 million signatures," he stated.

Oliver plans to bring his petition to government leaders in Turkey during the month of April.

"Obesity more often than not leads to diet-related diseases like type-2 diabetes which can increase the risk of developing a number of serious health problems and decrease the life expectancy of many people. But obesity is preventable and I believe that by educating our children about food and where it comes from and how to cook it and how to shop, we can turn the tide on the obesity epidemic that affects most of the world in 2015. This petition is a way to give a voice to everyone who cares about the future health of our children."

So far, Oliver has been successful in convincing six countries that there is a need to bring food education to all children in schools. His goal is to convince all the G20 countries of this to create global awareness and support for the project.

He said he would like to see junk food and caffeine drinks one day placed in the same category as tobacco, in part because it would come with a 15% tax on drinks and junk food advertising. No tax would be placed on fruits and vegetables.

Oliver met with children from the Bondi Public School on his tour to bring food education to schools. The school is one of many who takes part in the healthy schools program introduced by food advocate Stephanie Alexander.

The campaign comes just ahead of Food Revolution Day set to take place on May 15. The day promises to have thousands of schools around the world hosting events connected to food education, writes Danielle Bowling for Hospitality.

Oliver recently stood up against the paleo diet cookbook for kids, Bubba Yum Yum: The Paleo Way, created by chef Pete Evans. The book was recently dropped by its publisher after the Public Health Association of Australia discovered that "a baby may die" from one of the recipes contained within the book, writes Jenna Good for The Daily Mail.

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