ISIS Orders Gender Segregation at Mosul Universities

University students in the Iraqi providence of Mosul will now be separated by gender due to an order made by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The militant group called a meeting with university professors and deans and specified that female and male students can no longer learn side by side in the classroom, reports Al Arabiya News.

ISIS went as far as stipulating that the university will be open to females and males at separate times. Females will be in class from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., while males will take classes from 2-6 p.m.. This rule will go into effect on September 1.

Gender segregation will not be the only change taking place, changes to the curriculum will occur as well, according to Trend.  Political Science and Law courses are to be changed, but ISIS has not explicitly sited what changes will be made thus far.

The group also ordered that the name of the visual arts department should be changed to "decorative sketching," the source said.

This step of segregating students by gender appears to be a continuation of ISIS' wish to push the extremely conservative Islamic teachings in Mosul.

Another step ISIS has taken to spread the Islamic agenda includes requiring shopkeepers to cover the faces of mannequins.

The group attracted attention in June when it seized Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq, and declared it an Islamic Caliphate in July. Since then ISIS have been aggressively pushing Islam and forcing anything that strays from it out of the area.

Even though Christians have resided in northern Iraq for nearly 2,000 years they are forced to leave their homes, if they do not convert to Islam or pay taxes. If they refuse these options they will face execution, reports Patrick Cockburn from The Independent. 

It is the greatest mass flight of Christians in the Middle East since the Armenian massacres and the expulsion of Christians from Turkey during and after the First World War. ISIS, which now rules an area larger than Great Britain, has already eliminated many of the ancient Christian communities of eastern Syria, where those who had not escaped were given a similar choice between conversion, payment of a special tax or death.

ISIS painted an "N" for Nasrani (the Arabic word for Christian) on the doors of Christians and ordered them to meet with the group July 16. Since they refused they were given the three options.

One man said that ISIS told people in one village that the Shia "‘shouldn't be living here, leave by Friday'. Before they left they tried to make people chant ‘Islamic State! Islamic State'."

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