Ghana’s Director of Education Strikes Out At ‘Lazy’ Teachers

Lazy teachers have been cautioned by the Kwahu West Municipal Director of Education Mr Maxwell Mensah-Bonsu with regards to their attitude if they want to avoid sanctions being made against them, Ghana Business News reports.

He made it clear that if a teacher for no good reason is not present at the classroom with a valid explanation will not receive the money they are owed for that day, and those teachers who arrive late in the mornings will be questioned why it happened.

Mr Mensah-Bonsu was speaking at a one-day educational forum at the Catholic Basic School for Headteachers, District Directors of Education and Circuit Supervisors drawn from the Eastern and Greater Accra regions at Nkawkaw.

Furthermore, the director has instructed the principals and headteachers of the schools to be more watchful of the teachers that they are responsible for to pressure teachers into performing better and that will improve the education of the students.

Mrs. Faustina Opoku Yeboah, who is the Greater Accra Regional Manager of Catholic Schools, stated that the headteachers must set an example for the teachers to follow. If they are disciplined then in turn the teachers can impose discipline onto the students. It all starts at the top, because without a good quality headteacher a school can be overwhelmed with low standards.

She urged them to open files for every teacher in the school to monitor their attendance and to also involve the pupils in the administration of the school to ensure accountability to the teachers and the community.

Ghana is eager to improve its education system and is looking to a broad range of stakeholders for help. A manager of Catholic schools, Reverend Father Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, said that the goal of Catholic schools is to provide salvation and human development for the students who attend. He goes on to say that it has never been about the money, and that is the right kind of philosophy to have for any kind of school.

The speech was made at a forum where the theme was "Managers of Education, Peer Learning for Quality Education". It was organized by the National Catholic Secretariat and Catholic Education Unit of GES with sponsorship from Star-Ghana.

The purpose of the forum was to allow success stories to be told of education models that have proven to work. Such sharing of stories will allow other educational authorities listening in to learn from each other.

The topics that came up at the forum include teacher quality, effective supervision, general environment in schools, increasing the number of students who take part in the ownership learning processes and discipline in schools. Such a comprehensive array of topics covered was enough to tackle a lot of the issues that schools are having trouble with, and moving forward solutions discussed there will potentially be implemented at various schools.

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