4 French Students Murder, Dissolve Body Citing ‘Breaking Bad’


Four French students murdered a woman over a debt and then attempted to dissolve her body in acid as they had seen in the hit TV show Breaking Bad.

Four people, three men and one woman, aged 19 to 23 were implicated in the crime. Two of the men were indicted for murder, drug trafficking, and robbery, and the third was indicted for murder by complicity, and all three are in custody. The three men were described as "brilliant students," and had been dealing amphetamines to their peers, writes David Chazan of the Telegraph. The woman was indicted for drug trafficking and is under judicial supervision.

The victim, Eva Bourseau, 23, was a former student living in Toulouse, France, writes Lindsey Bever of the Washington Post. She had been studying art history before dropping out of school. She owed the drug dealers more than $6,500 and when she couldn't pay, they murdered her. On July 26th, they arrived at her home with "brass knuckles and a crowbar" and beat her to death. A blow to the head killed her.

Last week, she was found dismembered and decomposing in a plastic container full of acid ten days after her death. Breaking Bad main characters Walter White and Jesse Pinkman used hydrofluoric acid, but these murderers used chlorine acid instead.

They reportedly had to remove her legs from her torso to fit her in the container. They then returned to the apartment to steal items and spray air freshener to cover the scent of decomposition several times over the next week, writes Meg Wagner of the New York Daily News.

Her body was found on August 3rd after her mother called the police when she and Bourseau's friends hadn't been able to contact her in two weeks.

Upon their arrest, the murderers admitted to the police that their methods had been inspired by the popular TV show, according to Fox News.

Other criminals have reported Breaking Bad as their inspiration. In Washington State last year, 28-year-old Jason Hart pleaded guilty to strangling his girlfriend and also trying to dissolve her body in acid and will be serving a 14-year sentence.

A man from Liverpool was convicted this year for trying to buy ricin over the internet to kill 1,400 people, and a woman in the UK took on Walter White's persona to aid in her attempt to poison her mother. She said:

It was like I saw myself to be some kind of Mexican drug warlord. I would think it through as if I was the main character in Breaking Bad.

08 16, 2015
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