The New ‘Higher’ Ed? University Gets Go Ahead for Pot Education

If you want to make a career out of marijuana cultivation, now there's a college out there just for you: Clover Leaf University, which has recently gained a full accreditation from the Department of Higher Education and state approval to offer 4 accredited cannabis program certifications as well as a number of stand-alone courses dealing with the ins and outs of weed.

The college will be mainly focusing its resources on the four accredited federal cannabis programs, but students will also have access to classes covering various topics dealing with marijuana cultivation and growth.

"The university hopes to not only educate cannabis consumers, but to offer cannabis training for cannabis business entrepreneurs," says CEO, Chloe Villano. State approved courses range from Cannabis Business 101, Master Cultivation, Infusion Laboratories, and Concentrates. There is also legal education and advanced cultivation courses that set the standard for a higher level of professional education for the entire medical marijuana industry.

Although jokes about "higher" education and the college-taught way of rolling a doobie are no doubt already circulating, the programs offered by Clover Leaf are mainly about the business of cannabis. With a growing number of states approving the use of the drug for either medicinal or even recreational uses, the college is attempting to do nothing less than train up the next generation of cannabis entrepreneurs. Clover Leaf's mission is to transform the business from street corners and internet hookups and to bring it into the light like any other similar – and legal – consumer good.

By opening their programs for enrollment now, Clover Leaf might appear to be moving slightly ahead of the legal tide. While Colorado, where the use of drug has been broadly approved by voters last year, has the most relaxed version of marijuana laws in the country, the federal government still hasn't made a move to make the use of the drug legal nationwide. That means any and all business is still subject to a law enforcement action from the DEA, something that growers and dispensaries have been feeling in California on a regular basis ever since pot had been legalized there.

As legalization of marijuana continues, Clover Leaf University is anticipated to continue expanding across the United States. "Soon we could see national legalization, as the first recreational Cannabis bills in the world are implemented into legislature with Amendment 64 in in Colorado and I502 in Washington," said Ms. Villano. According to an article in the Denver Post, published February 2nd, 2013, Jared Polis from WA has released a national bill to decriminalize Marijuana, and has created high hopes of it passing nationally.

Clover Leaf University (CLU) is planning to launch April 6, 2013 with its first student orientation at Auraria Campus, a college campus located in Denver, Colorado from 2pm to 6pm. CLU will present the cannabis industry's most elite hash makers, cultivation masters, breeders, and business entrepreneurs in the industry, releasing class schedules and taking student enrollments.

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