New Sexual Assault Cases Further Embroil Princeton


Three fresh reports of sexual assault incidents to Princeton's Department of Public Safety last weekend have urged the university to reinforce its new anti sexual violence policies.

Two of the incidents were reported to have occurred at private eating clubs off the campus while the third nonconsensual sexual activity was while the victim was incapacitated. Two of the incidents were reported 45 minutes between each other on Friday while the third, which brought up an incident of last year, was reported on Saturday.

Out of the three incidents only one of them was reported immediately. All three incidents were reported by school officials last weekend, as per the crime logs the University was federally mandated to keep.

According to Krystal Knapp of Planet Princeton, University spokesman Martin Mbugua stated that the reports were sent from an individual who had been forcefully fondled on the 12th of December in an eating club, a student who shared the same fate in an eating club on the 1st of November and a student who claims to have engaged in sex while incapacitated in an unidentified campus dormitory last year. Both of the eating clubs remain unknown and none of the fresh cases were undergoing investigation due to lack of evidence.

Mbugua further added that the incidents had been reported via Campus Security Authority. CSA has been defined on the Department of Public Safety website as an "official of an institution who has significant responsibility for student and campus activities," writes Chitra Marti of the Daily Princetonian.

The incidents occurred shortly after Princeton University, as well as other colleges, were decreed in November by the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights to have failed in "promptly and equitably" dealing with sexual assault reports submitted by students. The University agreed to go over its methods of investigation in prior cases and adopt new policies for handling complaints. The new policy dictates assault allegations to be investigated by a three man team. Evidence regarding such matters will also be evaluated based on its prevalence rather than impression.

Princeton has also complied with the government in being transparent regarding its new policies and creating a bystander intervention campaign. It has also agreed to provide feedback to the government regarding its methods of handling assault allegations, as well as cooperate with law enforcement.

The university is no stranger to such incidents, with a sexual assault investigation stemming in November due to the email release of a scandalous photo depicting a sex act occurring during a party at the Tiger Inn eating club. The investigation later weakened in December due to lack of proof of criminal conduct.

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