Jane Lynch Launches Website that Helps Kids Pay for College

Jane Lynch, famous for her alter ego of cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester on the television show Glee, unveiled her latest project this week: a website aimed at helping prospective college students and their parents make smart choices about college finance. At a news conference in New York, Lynch announced the launch of the National College Finance Center website that will provide unbiased information about options available to pay for college tuition and expenses.

Lynch said that she got involved in the project because of the experience of her own close family members who have recently graduated college in a sluggish job market and are now struggling to pay down their student loans. In promoting the website, and encouraging people to take advantage of the free resource, she hopes that she can help other families avoid similar mistakes.

Rebecca J. Weber, Executive Director of the New York Public Research Group, who also spoke at the news conference, said that it was paramount for students to have a place to go for information that didn’t have any other agenda but to help them make good decisions. Weber explained that over the two decades she’s worked with college students who struggled with covering college costs, and she wished they had a place to turn to get these kinds of questions answered. She’s pleased to see that wish become reality.

If you’re going to college or even thinking about it, make collegefinancecenter.org your first stop.  No one there is trying to sell you anything, the site will simply help you to seek free money first, borrow wisely and only if essential, and cope with repaying your student loans.”

The information available on the website serves to help students achieve the following goals:

— To provide the best resources and ideas for a higher education finance plan
— To take maximum advantage of available grant and scholarship options
— To minimize debt accrued in acquiring a college education. To understand that all student loans are not created equal
— To understand important repayment strategies that will save money and stress

In addition to providing information about financing options on the federal level, the website also details programs available through state governments as well as allowing users to make sense of the bewildering array of student loan options available via private lenders. For students who are already carrying a debt load, or for college graduates who are looking for a helping hand, the website outlines the best ways of managing repayment customized to the users’ specific situations.

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