College Application Day Encourages Indiana Seniors to Apply


High schools across Indiana are taking part in College Application Day to help students who may not have otherwise applied to college do so with ease.

The day is meant to remind high school students of the importance of attaining a higher education degree while helping them navigate the application process, which at times can be daunting and confusing. The goal of the day is to increase the number of low-income and first generation students who are applying to and attending college or move into another form of post-secondary education.

"The value of education beyond high school has never been greater. College Application Day highlights to students the importance of taking that first step of applying to college," said Indiana Commissioner for Higher Education Teresa Lubbers.

Schools are allowed to designate any day that fits into their schedule as College Application Day. The program would like to help students better understand the college admissions process, while also ensuring that they apply to at least one higher education institution. Because the day occurs during school hours, experts on hand can focus on those students who may not have otherwise applied to college.

Dana Bottomley, JAGS Instructor said, "We target students that have barriers to graduating from high school and getting a job or going to college."

Some colleges, including Indiana State University, are waiving the application fee for students who apply during College Application Day.

A college admissions expert in Indiana told WTHR that most students need to be reminded to take their time while filling out applications.

"Make sure on the application that you take time to fill it out and fill it out correctly," said Chris Foley, IUPUI's director of undergraduate admissions. "It's amazing how many casual errors students make. Make sure "college" is spelled correctly, your name is spelled correctly, email spelled correctly."

With the admissions deadline in mid-November, experts are suggesting students have their applications finished by the end of this week.

In 2013, 10 schools participated in the program. This year, there are 30 schools across the state taking part in College Application Day, which is sponsored by Learn More Indiana and the national American College Application Campaign as a part of College Go! Week.

All 50 states are participating in the initiative. The national headquarters is providing technical assistance, training, webinars, and evaluation support.

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