California, Florida Lead on ‘Worst-of’ Law School List

Whittier Law School located in Orange County, California, has won the dubious honor of topping the list of the ten worst law schools in North America. Falling just a bit behind (or in front?) of the winner are Appalachian School of Law and University of La Verne College of Law.

According to the Daily Caller, the battle between the schools in the top three spots was fierce and the results were close. Whittier only secured the top slot thanks to its abysmal 17.1% employment rate after graduation. The fact that 61% of Whittier graduates who do manage to land a job are underemployed – the highest rate of underemployment for all ABA-approved law schools – was just a cherry on top.

The surveys also found that many teachers said technology could be a useful educational tool. In the Pew survey, which was done in conjunction with the College Board and the National Writing Project, roughly 75 percent of 2,462 teachers surveyed said that the Internet and search engines had a "mostly positive" impact on student research skills. And they said such tools had made students more self-sufficient researchers.

Although it only came in third on the worst-of list, La Verne does possess quality that puts it ahead of all the others. Of the 194 law schools ranked by U.S. News & World Report, La Verne was found to have the lowest reputation among academics.

In fifth place on the list is Thomas Jefferson School of Law, also in California, where full cost of tuition will run a student more than enrolling in the 10th or 11th best law school as ranked by U.S. News – the University of Michigan and Duke, respectively.

The Daily Caller ranking of the worst law schools simply tracks schools based on how many times they appear in the very bottom in eight categories related to admissions data, bar passage, employment data, cost, and U.S. News peer ranking. All data is purely objective, except for the peer rating.

Looking at the bigger picture, California and Florida play host to the largest number of schools on the Daily Caller list, and California is well represented in the top five with Whittier, La Verne, and Thomas Jefferson — as well as the school in the fourth slot, Golden Gate University School of Law. Florida schools appear near the bottom half of the list: Berry University School of Law is number 10, Thomas M. Cooley Law School is number 7 and Ave Maria School of Law is number 8.

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